Friday, June 14, 2013

Modern Mini Quilt Challenge!!!

Jennifer from Elisson Lane Quilts is hosting a Modern Mini Quilt Challenge.

Initially, I thought of making a quilt for the challenge... But I sort of have too much going on right now, so decided I'll just enter one of my favorites...

Which one do you think I'll enter?

Yup, it is the "I'm a little crazy" Quilt.

It was a mini quilt I made for the "Its all about me" blog hop hosted by Madamme Samm.

It was fun to take a pattern and personalize it!

I did some crazy quilting in the background because it suits me (I am a little crazy. Who else can make a quilt in 24 hours?)

I also added the paisley quilting ( A little bit of India)

I also added a layer of extra batting under "me"  - thats me too!!! LOL!

this is just sooooo me!!!

I am proud of the total impact of this tiny quilt! And by tiny I mean, its just @ 12" x 15"!

I'm proud of this one and thought it would be worthy of an entry into the challenge!

I would have entered the Harry Potter Quilt or my latest finish More Peace, but both did not fit into the "size" criteria...


Wish me luck!!!



  1. This is a quilt with much personality - what a great sense of humour you have too! You did an amazing job on the person, very artistic.

  2. Thanks for entering the Modern Mini Challenge Shruti! PS: The quilting on your HP quilt is amazing.

  3. I really like your cartoon self. Great drawing! ...ehm sewing!

  4. What a great little quilt. It would make me smile every time I saw it!


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