Friday, June 14, 2013

More Peace!!!

So why does my post title say "More Peace"?

Do I want a more peaceful life?


Well In Marathi More = Peacock & Peace = Feather
(at least they're pronounced that way)
So More Peace = Peacock Feather

It is the latest quilt I finished!

I all began on the morning of  12th June. I had just completed the Hawaii Quilt and was looking for something else to do. 

The inspiration came when I saw the cover of this issue of Quilting Arts (April/May 2010).

I was stunned by the quilt on the cover.

It is "Vanity" by Susan Brubaker Knapp

I went through her blog and found out that she has used dyes on white fabric to do it.

I will never be able to do that, I thought and just pushed the thought away.

But the image kept coming back to my mind...

The I came across this video by Nancy Zieman &  Natalie Sewell where they show we can use Oil Pastels in Landscape Quilting.

Now I got excited. This is something I can totally do!!! I thought. It all started at about 4 pm on 12th June.
And I was ready...

I needed to buy oil pastels though. DS has them, but I could not find the shades I wanted.

By 4.30 all the pieces were cut and fused down.

By 5.00 pm the quilt top was ready - shaded and all. Basted.

I was so excited about the quilt. But was scared that I'd ruin it somehow!

I quilted it patiently. Using my regular foot # 1 on my Emily (Bernina 330). I used black 40 wt Aurifil Cotton thread both on the machine as well as in the bobbin.

As the quilting completed, I was more and more confident!!!

And then at 11 am on 13th June (less than 20 hours since I drew my first sketch) the quilting was done!!!

It took another hour to bind it and it was ready.

But I knew it needed something more...

Wasn't sure what.

The I saw something that Rohit had brought for Aadi.

Some fun glitter gel pens!!! I tried just roughly scribbling over a piece of fabric (just wanted to make sure it did not ruin it) and it seemed to work.

So I got started.

I used the yellow (lemony one) over the brown and light green, Blue over the blue and the darker blues, green over the dark green and black over the black and also for the stems and on the stitch lines too.

I'm just so happy with the result!!!

I stepped so much out of my comfort zone to make this one.

I managed to 'completely finish it by 9 pm on the 13th June. But considering that I did everything - including helping my MIL prepare Mango Jam - it actually took less than 10 hours!I will be teaching my technique in workshops very soon!!!

I love the shiny effect of the glitter pens...

Have you experimented with craft supplies on your quilt?

If not, I urge you to do that. Maybe on a small piece. But do experiment!
Trust me, it is worth it!

I used a solid lime green for the back!!!

It looks more like a dandelion on the back!

I even added a label - if thats what you call scribbling details on the back with a permanent fabric pen!

Details of the Quilt :

More Peace
Size : 28" x 20". 
Materials used : Cotton Fabric, Poly-Cotton Batting (very thin & light), 
Aurifil Black thread 40 wt, Oil Pastels and Glitter Gel Pens!!!

Experience - awesome!!!



  1. This turned out so beautiful! I'll have to experiment coloring on a quilt. :-)

  2. Looks great Shruti!
    Great job!

  3. This is gorgeous! Great idea!

  4. I looove this! Also - scribbled labels are the best! :)

  5. Looks great Shruthi. The final touch with glitter really brought it to life.Love it.

  6. oh my stars shruti, this is awesome!! the amount of detail that went into this work... just wow. great job!

  7. Love it! So happy to have inspired you! It is gorgeous.

  8. Love this! The glitter pens were a clever idea :)

  9. gosh Shruti... everytime I think you can't make something that beats your last piece you do... you are an amazing artist and quilter!

  10. I have yet to try any sort of art peice. I love how you just went for it! Gorgeous.

  11. I just 'got' the name of the quilt when I saw the Hindi on the back. You used mor rather than zyada or adhik and peace/piece rather than shanti. Multiple levels of puns. Very clever!

    I'm enjoying your blog and wondering how much quilt supplies you can actually find in India. I'm guessing rulers, mats, blades, cutters, batting must be hard to buy locally.


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