Tuesday, July 23, 2013

My new studio!!!

I have wanted to do this since a long time!!! But the idea of getting out of the house everyday stopped me from doing it...

But now I had to!

We are renovating my in law's bathroom. They stay on the lower floor of the same building that we live in. So I invited them to stay with us while the renovation is going on since their bathroom, kitchen and bedroom will not be usable.

They will be moving in to my now studio. So I have to move my stuff out!

I took up the opportunity and am moving the stuff into this awesome cottage in my backyard!!!

Welcome to the new studio of 13 Woodhouse Road!!!

It is such a lovely cottage... And I love the fact that it is on the ground floor! It does need a little bit of work, especially painting and some electrical work, but I'm waiting for the sun to shine before I begin that!

It has 3 rooms, out of which I plan to use 2 currently. The third I'm keeping for when I'll buy my long arm machine!

Here are the before pictures of my studio!!!

Right now I'm moving in as it is!

The first room, will be the display and workshop area. Here will be where I will conduct most of my workshops and also display my work.

The second room is where I will be actually working...

The room is about 11' x 20' and has a kitchen platform at one end...

And A LOT OF storage!!!

The third room is unused right now, but I will install my long arm in it, when I get it!

Right now it is used to store stuff that we do not need in the house!!!

Here are the after pictures :

Here's what Room # 1 looks like when I have a workshop!

I just covered some old tables (rusty & broken - okay as long as they had legs and did not wobble!) with some metal boards from DH's shop! Thanks to Lenovo for sponsoring my makeshift Workshop Tables!!!

And I love that they're orange!!! Goes with my future theme!

Here's the sewing ironing combo!!! I still need to get the place rewired! Every time I turn on the iron EVERYTHING else shuts off!

and here's the cutting table. 

and when I do not have a workshop : all of this can just go into the 3rd room!!! Yay!!!

Here's my working area!!!

oops that was the during shot!!! I had the sewing room all cleaned up, remember??? But asking my maid to help me bring down the stuff from 2 floors AND going out while she's doing it, even though for a short time, is a bad idea!!!

I re-sorted, re-folded and re-arranged EVERYTHING!

Here's the after shots :

Fabric storage :

Okay, where's the fabric you'll say...


So much storage!!! And the PERFECT size for storing fabric!!! Yay!!

There's a built in shelf in a wall! It has my basic requirements - Speakers, Harry Potter Books, Sewing Notions, Notebooks & Scrap Bins!

And here's my sewing table! I love the larger table on the left as it holds the weight of my quilt when I FMQ!

This is what I see from my sewing table!!! The main gate of the house! And the main door too! Will take better snaps later!!! When we have some light! Its been pouring here for days now... and I'm kinda getting tired of being we all the time! Even my quilt feels damp! :( And the blue temporary marker fades out overnight!

This window ledge has already been claimed.

Here's my little one making an announcement that his mom has started a "shop" (he does not yet understand the concept of a studio - a work place is a shop for him) that sells quilts! Apparently, he's worried that no one will know that I have a shop here and no one will buy the stuff I make!

Such a wonderful boy he is!

 Here's what I am working on in my new studio!

My Framed Hexies. After keeping away for a while, as I said earlier, the hexagon markings disappeared due to the humidity! So, I just drew some free hand paisleys and swirls around whatever was quilted and continued to quilt it in an organic manner!

It was a lot like henna work... first you mark the outline and then you fill in the shapes...
I did use rulers etc to mark the straight line!

Doesn't the quilting look a lot long-arm-ish???

I am planning on painting my studio entirely white. It will bring a lot more light into the now drab rooms... ut I will have to wait for the sun to come out for that...

Right now it has been mostly like this...

What does your sewing space look like? Do you have any suggestions for mine?

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  1. This looks like a wonderful studio space. It will be great once you get the painting & rewiring done. Go you!


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