Thursday, August 8, 2013

Calender & a sneak peek...

Did you see that new tab on top?
That says "Calender"

What is it?
It is the dates of the workshops I'll be taking!
Right now all of them will be at my studio in Sangli, but very soon, I'll be expanding!!!
So if there is one that you'd like to attend, shoot me an email to register.

Have been busy yesterday...

I bought an obscenely huge amount of Chiffon on my Mumbai trip. Why did I think I needed it? Well, first it was gorgeous! Irresistibly gorgeous! And it was super cheap!!!


So what do I make of it? Not a single piece was larger than 72"! Most were somewhere between 24" to 36" wide!

Then I realized I could make Infinity scarves out of them!!!

Will be listing them all in my Etsy shop soon. I need to do a photo shoot for that! Have roped in a wonderful friend to do that tomorrow! I dont want my double chin peeking in all photos on my Etsy shop!!!

I had bought these ribbons to go into seams of all my products - for some discreet branding. I really wasn't very euphoric about having a label made. Found the perfect color ribbons!!!

Whats in that glass???

Well, another 'charm' that I'll be adding to my products! I found my logo as a charm!!! Had to buy the lot!!!

Isn't he simple gorgeous? And he'll be the perfect little companion to everything I make!

The ribbons are in place...

I made 15 of these scarves in 2 days!!! Now time to add the small charm while I watch the TV!!!

Cannot wait to list them... Are you ready to see them???

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