Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Excitement, unlimited....

There are some things in life that are wonderful, some fabulous and some others that you cannot find words to describe in any language!

I just had one such experience!!!

Bernina India had organized a quilting workshop by the very talented INDIAN quilter, Paramjeet Bawa... I signed up even before I gave it a thought...

But what I did not expect was that I would be totally blown off by what I see and experience!!!

On the first day, we learnt how to make Confetti Quilts & Metal Works!!!
What awesome and versatile techniques!!!

Here are a few pictures from the first day!!!

First - Confetti Quilt!!!

We had a great time chopping away fabric!!!

It would be a great thing to do when you're angry with someone!

These are the beauties that we all created - Can you guess which one's mine???

Its the top right one!

Here it is hanging in my living room!!!

Next was Metal Works

It was a bit complex and scary at first, but gradually we got the hang of it!

I dont know how far I'll be using it on actual quilts, but who knows!!!

Paramjeet is an excellent teacher! She not only taught us the techniques, but also helped us work out what works for us the best!!!

Here's my metal works sample!

On the second day, we learnt the technique she has used to make her award winning quilt : The Dust Storm
Stress Free Curves

This was a new to me technique that uses Freezer Paper for (sort of) needle turned appli-piecing!

It took a while for us to get the hang of it, but when we did it, there was just no looking back!

Paramjeet was patient while we asked her all our stupid doubts and took us through the complex and the simple steps with an ease!!!

In the end everything worked out fine!!!

Here's the piece I made at the workshop!!!

I can see a lot of possibilities for this technique... My head has been buzzing non-stop since Saturday and I have a whole list of projects lined up in my head!!!

The happy class after the workshop!!!

Bernina India did an awesoem job of organizing the event... Not only did they provide us with all the material we needed - sewing machines, thread, cutting mats, rulers etc, but also with some delicious home made food!!! I can still feel the taste of the Moong Halwa made my the lovely Mrs Gupta (wife of Mr Ajay Gupta of Bernina India). It was a fantastic experience!!!

This was the first quilting class that I took, and now I know why it is important that you learn from an expert. It does make a difference. Looking at Paramjeet's work made me realize I have to take mine up a few notches to make that quality of work! I need to work harder, I need to finish my projects better and most of all - add labels and sleeves to everything I make!!!

Thank you Paramjeet, for being my mentor. I will try my best to make you proud!!!


  1. Wow, how fantastic to learn all that new stuff. Loved the idea of the confetti quilts. I could think of some times I'd like to get the scissors out and chop away my frustrations

  2. What an amazing class! Your quilts did not look like you were just learning! Love the confetti quilt.

  3. What an amazing class! Your quilts did not look like you were just learning! Love the confetti quilt.


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