Wednesday, September 25, 2013

A weird Monday!

Every Monday brings to me a feeling of a beginning of completing something! Now that's weird you'd say. "Beginning of Completing" doesn't really make sense.

I usually decide my weekly targets and plan my week on Monday Mornings. So it marks the beginning of the weekly tasks. And I usually (okay mostly) complete those by the end of the week and am off to a fresh start on the next Monday!

Now Beginning of Completing makes sense, right?

So this Monday, I woke up with a sense of purpose, like every Monday! As I looked at my calender, I just turned the page to look at the next month and realized "THE CRAFT FAIR IS JUST TWO WEEKS AWAY!!!"

I am usually a girl who keeps her cool in all matters...

But yesterday I just flipped out!

The entire day I was worried that I'm going to go there with nothing to sell! I have already paid the rent - so at least I have to recover that!

I went into complete panic mode! I even realized my heart was beating a bit fast!

The main thing was I realized, or I thought, I did not have enough to display at the fair!

I had started some cool "Solid Love" range of baby quilts on Saturday.

I had made four. But that was not enough!

 I had 6 aprons, 10 crayon rolls and the quilts that I have made over the last year! How am I going to recover the cost???

I was totally freaked out. Pacing everywhere and accomplishing nothing!

But then, I decided to do what I usually do in a situation thats getting out of hand.
1. I realized I had ENOUGH time! Two weeks is a full 14 days! Id I work for 10 hours everyday I will have 140 hours!!! Phew. I calmed down a bit.

2. Next, I sat down and made a list of things I needed to do. I realized that I did not know the size of my booth or the surroundings - was it a corner or in the middle, would I have 2 walls or just one on the back! I called up the organizer and rectified that. In fact, today I will be visiting the venue to have a look at the location. The other stall owners do not bother to "make up" their stalls. I made an effort last year and people loved it. I will be doing that again this year.

This was my stall last year.

This was my stall at Cocoparra.

This year, I'm going to make it simple. It is going to be colorful with all the bright stuff, But I will mute down the other stuff! I planned out a lot of stuff.

3. Next I needed to rectify the fact that I do not have enough stuff. Yes, that is true. I have a lot to display. But little to sell. I need to work on that. I asked my cook if she can sew and if she can help me make some stuff. Not only did she agree, but she also roped in another friend to help!!! Plus I have two students coming in to learn from me who have volunteered to help!!!

So now, I will have a lot more Solids love Quilts (I plan to make 25). I have 17 done by yesterday. I think together we will finish the 25 today!

Next I need to make more crayon rolls and more aprons. I am thinking 25 of the aprons and about a 100 crayon rolls. Numbers look like a lot? Divide it by 5! Easy peasy!

I have also asked a friend if she can make some eyeglass cases for me. She has agreed. And I'm looking forward to how many she makes.

I am also thinking of 15 quilted samosa pouches!

Some fabric envelopes.

And of course Band-aids. I have asked my maid to make them for me. Her son is mentally challenged and she would liek to sprovide him with some kind of employment option. I thought the Band aids would be a great thing for him to make and earn some money! So he's got busy with them!!! I should have about 200 of them by the end of two weeks!!!

Oh, and I have about 20 of the scarfs too!!! I just remembered!!!

 I'll throw in some bookmarks, key hobs, scrunchies and maybe 20-25 of cushion covers and I should be covered!!!


Yeah, the Monday began weird. Because I'm not normally a person who panics. Okay, if there's a lion in front of me, I will. But surely not about these things! But I did and that made it weird! I'm not sure whether it was the amount of work I thought I had to do (alone!) that scared me or it was just a hormones thingy!!!
But the point is, now everything is under control and I am feeling much more confident about showing off at the fair!!!

Whats up with you guys???


  1. Glad you are feeling under control! I was about to suggest samosa pouches, until I got to the point of you mentioning them! I would buy lots of those as presents. And the solids baby quilts are cute too. Hope it all goes really well.


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