Thursday, September 12, 2013

Bella Parade '13 : Post # 12

Hey guys,
you're right
Yesterday's color was Fir

And now for today's color
Here it is

And here are the hints:
 1. You cannot drive through me 'cause you cannot see the road!
2. I am a collection of liquid water droplets or ice crystals suspended in the air at or near the Earth's surface
3. _ O _

To make a monochromatic scheme I'd combine it with Bunny Hill Pink and Popsicle

For the complementary scheme, I'll pair it with Circa Celadon

For the creative scheme, I'll go with a romantic combination - but without the pinks & reds!
Using it with Summer House Lime and Bright Turquoise

Now I'm off to pair it with prints!!!

Nile Acacia Fat Quarter Bundle
Tula Pink for Free Spirit Fabrics

Adventures Fat Quarter Bundle
Stephanie Marie Designs for RJR Fabrics

Barnegat Bay Fat Quarter Bundle
Studio 37 for Marcus Brothers Fabrics

Cerise Edges Fat Quarter Bundle
Laura Gunn for Michael Miller Fabrics

E-I-E-I-O Fat Quarter Bundle
Jack and Lulu for Dear Stella Fabrics

Fashion Plate Fat Quarter Bundle
Barbara Jones of Quilt Soup for Henry Glass Fabrics

Soft Glimma Fat Quarter Bundle
Lotta Jansdotter for Windham Fabrics

Gracie Girl Fat Quarter Bundle
Lori Holt for Riley Blake Designs

Jubilee Fat Quarter Bundle
Bunny Hill Designs for Moda Fabrics

Masquerade Let's Pretend Fat Quarter Bundle
Sarah Jane for Michael Miller Fabrics

Ravena Fat Quarter Bundle
Dear Stella Fabrics

Home Grown Fat Quarter Bundle
Maia Ferrell for Blend Fabrics

Shop Local Fat Quarter Bundle
Another Point of View for Windham Fabrics

It sure is a versatile color and you could pair it with almost anything that you love!!! You can also use it as a great neutral! But which one will you go for?

Would you like to win one yard of it?
Here's how to do that.
1. Mandatory entry. Guess the name of today's Color and leave a comment with the name.

2. For extra entries, you can post links to photos taken by you with the Color of the Day in it.
One entry per photo. You can enter as many as you want. They could be anywhere, your blog, Flickr, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram... Absolutely anywhere on the world wide web. The only condition is that IT MUST BE TAKEN BY YOU. If anyone is found to link to somebody else's photo, they will be banned from the event! To increase your chances to win, enter as many photos as you can. 1 comment per photo link.

Good luck & have a great day!!! 



  1. We had some this morning....I guess FOG!

  2. Snow! I love using this color with my 30s reproductions.

  3. The color is Fog. I would combine it with Gracie Girl.

  4. Fog - I Love this one - what a great neutral.

  5. My sweater in this photo is foggy for sure ...

  6. The colour of the day is Fog.
    I would pair it with Stephanie Marie Designs

  7. My son wears a foggy shirt ...

  8. That's a very foggy backdrop for the tablerunner I made ...

  9. A foggy feathered bird in Uruguay (I can't remember what it's called) ...

  10. Foggy fingers sticking out of the beach in Uruguay ...

  11. A foggy eucalyptus tree in Uruguay ...

  12. Our birch stump (with its plate-like fungi) is foggy toned ...

  13. Some actual FOG at the Washington Monument ...

  14. My brother washing the windows of his fog-coloured combine ...

  15. A foggy, scary, old house in Louisville, Kentucky ...

  16. A foggy coloured rock in the bunch ...

  17. My daughter 20 years ago at age 16 in a foggy t-shirt ...

  18. Flying on a foggy, rainy day ...

  19. A skinny tornado in a foggy coloured sky. It touched down just north of our family farm ...

  20. The plus quilt I made for my son has some foggy tones in it ...

  21. We're enjoying a foggy art installation at the 21C Hotel in Louisville, Kentucky. I love that place ...

  22. A foggy piece of paradise ... *sigh* ... on the Atlantic coast near Halifax ...

  23. The foggy tones of Peggy's Cove ... the most enchanting place I've ever been ...

  24. The foggy look of Halifax harbour ...

  25. My daughter's foggy duvet cover in her Vancouver apartment ...

  26. A foggy-toned weather-worn deck in Fredricton, New Brunswick as seen from the top of a lighthouse ...

  27. Fog over my home, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan ...

  28. The colour is fog (I guess at lest ;) this time I didn't check on FQS's website).



  31. Fog. I love what a nice, cool neutral that is.

  32. I think the color is fog.

  33. It's Fog. Another beautiful color. :)

  34. Today's color is FOG.

    Revathi at

  35. I say fog.
    smjohns63 at yahoo dot com

  36. I think the colour is Fog.
    I love the last two ranges - Shop Local and Home Grown. These are wonderful.
    Thanks again for all your hard work in choosing these wonderful coordinating fabrics.


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