Monday, September 16, 2013

Bella Parade '13 : Post # 16

You're right folks, yesterday's color was Honeydew!!!

And here's todays!!!

And here're the hints :
1. I am a 2 word name - first word a color and second a fruit!
2. I remind you of Mediterranean dishes!!! I'm healthy too!
3. _ _ E E _               O _ _ _ E

Have you noticed, I usually write the vowels in my hints & hide the consonants? I just noticed it!

For a monochromatic composition, I'll use it with Sage and Fir

For a complementary scheme, I'll pair it with Purple

For the creative combo, I 'll go with Country Red and Bright Turquoise

And now the prints I'd love to use this solid with!!!

I tried really hard to stick to the modern prints, since a natural inclination was towards the 1800's repro fabrics!

Soho Chic Fat Quarter Bundle
Sandy Gervais for Moda Fabrics

Downtown Vixen Urban Mod Fat Quarter Bundle
AGF In-House for Art Gallery Fabrics

Fort Firefly Fat Quarter Bundle
Teagan White for Birch Fabrics

Matilda Fat Quarter Bundle
Alice Kennedy for Timeless Treasures Fabrics

Owl Wonderful Fat Quarter Bundle
Olivia Audi for South Sea Imports

Hillside Bungalow Fat Quarter Bundle
Joel Dewberry for Free Spirit Fabrics

Azure Edges Fat Quarter Bundle
Laura Gunn for Michael Miller Fabrics

Golden Spirit Bijoux Fat Quarter Bundle
Bari J. for Art Gallery Fabrics

Would you pair it with modern fabrics or you'd go with the repro ones?

Would you like to win one yard of it?
Here's how to do that.
1. Mandatory entry. Guess the name of today's Color and leave a comment with the name.

2. For extra entries, you can post links to photos taken by you with the Color of the Day in it.
One entry per photo. You can enter as many as you want. They could be anywhere, your blog, Flickr, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram... Absolutely anywhere on the world wide web. The only condition is that IT MUST BE TAKEN BY YOU. If anyone is found to link to somebody else's photo, they will be banned from the event! To increase your chances to win, enter as many photos as you can. 1 comment per photo link.

Good luck & have a great day!!!  
Stay tuned for the next weekly giveaway later today & the announcement of the winners of the last week sometime tomorrow!!! 


  1. It's the Green Olive! Lovely color.

  2. Green Olive. It would be lovely paired with Soho Chic.

  3. It is GREEN OLIVE!!!!

    Revathi at

  4. Green olive Miss Shruti, but where's the pimento? What is that luscious purple?

  5. Green Olive is the colour.

  6. Green Olive (secretly, I prefer the black ones though) :)

  7. I'm going to guess green olive!

  8. Green Olive! And, no I hadn't noticed the vowel/consonants thing in your clues.

  9. I wore some olive green at my son's convocation awards reception this spring ...

  10. An olive green turtle ...

  11. Look at the olive green in this fish. It looks pretty with the hints of blue ...

  12. The colour of our living room walls is called "olive branch" ... essentially olive green ...

  13. There's some olive green in this interesting vintage fabric I found among my Grandmother's scraps. Pieces of this are now in the American Textile Museum ...

  14. The little bars between the patterned blocks in this (the first quilt top I made all by myself) are olive green ...

  15. There are some olive green tones in this beautiful succulent wreath ...

  16. My husband wearing a stack of my chemo hats, the bottom of which is olive green ...

  17. This olive green coloured plate is not the best backdrop for food ...

  18. The colour of the day is Green Olive
    I would use Hillside Bungalow by Joel Dewberry with Green Olive

  19. The Green Olive would look good with Azure Edges.....that's what i would pair it with. I absolutely love that combo!!!

  20. Colour is Green Olive
    I love the Fort Firefly range. It would look brilliant with today's colour.
    Thanks again

  21. I have posted 3 pics on FB of green olive but somehow the caption didn't show up

  22. Green Olive. I *love* Mediterranean dishes!

  23. Here is a photo with a close approximation of Green Olive

    Photo taken on a recent trip to the Smoky Mountains. If this were a quilt I think it would be called "low volume". This bird is very cool looking but what I think is interesting about the photo is the muted colors all except the pop of the olive green plants.

  24. Green Olive! The monochromatic look is cool!


  26. Green Olive is my guess.

  27. Green olive!
    smjohns63 at yahoo dot com

  28. Is it Green Olive? Thanks for the inspiration.

  29. Oh, oh, oh! GREEN OLIVE! This has been fun...thanks!


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