Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Today we're celebrating Bhai Dooj in India. It is a day of celebration of the relation of a brother and sister... I had made a VERY special gift for my little brother!

But before I show you what I made for him, here's a run through his reactions to it!!!

 The tag read "For the world's BEST BROTHER, from the world's BEST SISTER"

He just LOVED it!!!

Do you want to see what I made for him?

Here's my latest creation iQuilt!

Want to see more? Scroll down...

Want to see some more??? Scroll more...

Little brother with his iGod!!!

It is a portrait quilt 24" x 30" made using 3 shades of fabric. I made this one using the reverse applique technique. It sure was a challenge to make it, especially the beard part. But I thoroughly enjoyed making this one! It was a quilt that challenged me, and I always love challenges!!!

I did a small photo session with the iQuilt before I gave it to Chaitanya!

 Do you like it???

I do not understand the story behind that actually awkward pose! Believe me, I have spent hours in front of the mirror trying to make sense of it! But this man had style enough to make it look so comfortable!  He was a true icon!

Why would I gift a portrait of Steve Jobs to my little brother? Because he's a HUGE fan of his! Believe me you have to be a fan if you always had clean and crisp textbooks at the end of the school year and yet you read THREE biographies of a single man!!!

And the fact that Chaitanya started #includetech, and develops Apple applications, makes it even more relevant!
Verbs, Steps and Appetite are just some of his releases...

I am truly happy today... Not just because I made a challenging quilt, but because this is the second time I made something that has a lot of sentimental value for someone close to me!!!

It gives me immense satisfaction!

Here are the quilt stats :

Name : iQuilt
Size : 24" x  30"
Photo : Steve Jobs by Albert Watson
Techniques used : Reverse applique
Material Used : Fabric (3 shades - White, Grey & Black), Aurifil Thread (again 3 shades White, # 2625 - grey- and black all wt 50), Tulle
Made on : My Bernina 330!
Experience : Amazing! Trying a less used reverse applique quilt for a portrait did a lot to boost my confidence!!!

Do you like it???