Monday, December 30, 2013

Among the Stars Quilt Along - ASQA

I am so excited to tell you that 2013 has been one of the most fabulous years I've had so far!!!

So much so, that I'm absolutely thrilled to announce my plans for the next year!!!

2014 will see a lot more happening at 13 Woodhouse Road!!!

But first up, is the Among the Stars Quilt Along - ASQA... Read on to know more...

Among the stars is a fabulous pattern written as a BOM (Block of the Month) for Its Sew Emma by Kimberly Jolly.

It is made up of 6 different blocks (2 of each kind to make a total of 12 blocks). The finished quilt measures 62.5" x 76.5".

Each blocks is a 'star' block made using squares and HSTs (Half Square Triangles). This pattern in a beginner friendly. It is available in both PDF format and print format from Fat Quarter Shop

Here's the list of fabric that you'll need.

I am making it using the Moda Low Volume Fat quarter Bundle and a few additional low volume prints. But you can make it from your scraps too!!!

Here's the schedule :

January 6, 2014 : Cutting Instructions
January 9, 2014 : Block 1 & 7
January 13, 2014 : Block 2 & 8
January 16, 2014 : Block 3 & 9
January 20, 2014 : Block 4 & 10
January 23, 2014 : Block 5 & 11
January 27, 2014 : Block 6 & 12
January 30, 2014 : Putting together the Quilt Top
February 3, 2014 : Basting, Quilting & Finishing
February 10, 2014 : Showcase!

Ready to have fun of the ASQA???

Wondering what the finished quilt top will look like?

Here, the quilt is made from Moda's Sentiment Fabric. You can order fabric according to the fabric requirement or you can  use fabric from your stash!!!

Get your supplies ready and we'll kick off next week!!!


Sunday, December 22, 2013

Portrait Quilt Along

At the beginning of the last year, I did a Self Portrait Quilt Along!

And I'm doing it again! I'm starting the Portrait Quilt Along in the new year.

I will be teaching 3 different techniques and you can sign up for one or all 3 techniques. Send me an email to shruti[at]13woodhouseroad[dot]com for details.

It will be an online-only quilt along and will run for 3 months.

I will guide you through the process of making a portrait quilt using one of the following 3 techniques:
1. Raw Edge Applique : Probably one of the safest and fool proof method to make a portrait quilt. It is simple, yet time consuming.

2. Pixelated 4 patch : This is a method for those who love to precision piece! Easier on the cutting side and comes along pretty fast!

3. The Reverse Applique : The fastest method of the 3. Not for the beginner. Needs really good photographs though.

I will guide you through the process of photo selection, editing, preparing and finishing the quilt over the course of 3 months.

I am charging a minor fee for this Quilt Along this time.

Please email me if you're interested in doing it with me!



The year is coming to an end - of course you do not need me to tell you that! And I want my last project of the year to be something that summarizes the year that it was!

I want to make a quilt with the purpose of entering it into quilt shows. I started off this one with this purpose in mind. The theme for the upcoming Dubai Quilt Festival that I plan to attend is Seasons...

Every time I start to think about that word, I see a lot of colors! So I decided to start my quilt there...

I got all of my solids scraps and put them in front of me. Then I decided to just let my heart piece them together...

By the end of the day I had a strip pieced and was really excited to see where it was going!

Come day 2 and the strip became 2!!!

More strips and some more blocks later, the top is ready!

It is 64" x 80" and I plan to baste it with the fusible cotton batting I picked up from Bernina India when I went to meet Mr Ueltschi.

 I have some awesome plans for the quilting! I have even created a pinterest board to inspire me!

I love the rustic background of the floor of my studio against the bright colors of my quilt! This is how high I went for the snaps! Thats my ceiling fan up there!

Has any of you used fusible batting before? I am planning to baste it tomorrow and would really like some advice!

Cannot wait to complete this one!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The man, the machine and the quilt!!!

You haven't seen any action here on 13 Woodhouse Road since almost a month. But I have been VERY busy for the past month. Working on a super secret project with Bernina India!!!

I have been a Bernina user for over 2 years now. I bought my first machine, Betty the Bernette E56 in April 2011. And after that was gifted 'Emily' the Bernina 330 in April 2012 by Bernina India.

I have always loved the quality of stitches and the user friendly features of Bernina machines. Plus the owner of Bernina India, Mr Ajay Gupta is a true gentleman. He really markets his brand well. He sold me my first machine on the phone!

The point is I have been associated, voluntarily, with Bernina India since April 2011.

I am a convinced Bernina Girl and nobody can possibly make me change my choice of my machine.

When I heard the news the Mr H P Ueltschi was visiting their new Creative Center, I immediately conspired with Mr Gupta to make a portrait quilt for him as a gift from Team Bernina India!

Here's the finished quilt!!!

It was a pleasure making this one!!!

It was made in 3 weeks with 1247 raw edge applique pieces.
I used 6 shades of Moda Bella Solids for this : White, Fog, Stone, Lead, Charcoal and Black 
I used Pellon Wonder Under #805 for fusing my applique pieces.
I used Aurifil Wt 50 in 4 shades : White, 2 shades of grey ( I cannot recall the numbers, and the stickers from the spools have fallen off - but I do remember that they matched the Stone & Lead fabrics)

Meeting Mr Ueltschi was a surreal experience! Something that I'll never forget!!!

Here are his expressions when he saw the quilt! I finally managed to find out how to make the animated gif image!!!

The event itself was absolutely awesome!!! The highlights included meeting friends after a 'very' long time. But I will do a separate post about that!!!

This is a shot I will always treasure in my life!!!

Thank you, Bernina India, for this opportunity!!!

Quilt Stats :
Title : The Man behind the Machine
Portrait quilt of MR H P Ueltschi, Owner and Chairman of the Board of Directors of BERNINA International AG
Size : I do not really remember, I did measure it though. It should be about 30" x 36"
Material used : Moda Bella Solids, Aurifil Thread 50 wt, Tulle, Pellon Wonder under #805
Techniques used : Raw edge applique, free motion quilting
Experience : Out of this world!!! Not only making the quilt, but also meeting the man in person!!! Blows away all my previous ones!