Sunday, December 22, 2013


The year is coming to an end - of course you do not need me to tell you that! And I want my last project of the year to be something that summarizes the year that it was!

I want to make a quilt with the purpose of entering it into quilt shows. I started off this one with this purpose in mind. The theme for the upcoming Dubai Quilt Festival that I plan to attend is Seasons...

Every time I start to think about that word, I see a lot of colors! So I decided to start my quilt there...

I got all of my solids scraps and put them in front of me. Then I decided to just let my heart piece them together...

By the end of the day I had a strip pieced and was really excited to see where it was going!

Come day 2 and the strip became 2!!!

More strips and some more blocks later, the top is ready!

It is 64" x 80" and I plan to baste it with the fusible cotton batting I picked up from Bernina India when I went to meet Mr Ueltschi.

 I have some awesome plans for the quilting! I have even created a pinterest board to inspire me!

I love the rustic background of the floor of my studio against the bright colors of my quilt! This is how high I went for the snaps! Thats my ceiling fan up there!

Has any of you used fusible batting before? I am planning to baste it tomorrow and would really like some advice!

Cannot wait to complete this one!


  1. i love it shruti! you come up with the best colour combos

  2. Oh, it's just wonderful! I love the bright raw colors and fun piecing!

  3. I used it once and the glue discolored the quilt top and never came out. I have no idea what i did wrong so be careful. Its too beautiful for that to happen!


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