Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Bank Wallet : Tutorial

One of my new year resolutions for 2014 is to have more tutorials on my blog. I have been seriously lacking that part before.

Here's my first one.

Also one is to manage my money better! I want to visit USA in February next year - that's only 12 months away!!! - and I need to start saving up for it!!! Wow!

I was visiting my bank the other day and every time i needed anything I had to hunt for it from my huge bag! I needed something to organize my 'bank stuff'. My Cheque Book, Pass Book, My Debit Card(s) and the thousands of ATM and shopping receipts I need to keep!

I looked for it, but was not satisfied by what I found.

The I had a light bulb moment and today morning made a rough sketch of what I wanted!

50 minutes later, the first prototype was ready!!!

I used my favorite Noteworthy Print on the outside. And a local brown print similar to sketch for the pockets.

I loved the result. And then decided to make another one and write a tutorial for it.

So here's the tutorial.

What you will need :
Fabric (of course!)
Outer Fabric : Fat Quarter
Pocket Fabric : Fat Eight
Lining Fabric : Fat Quarter

Apart from this you will also need light weight interfacing equivalent to a Fat Quarter. I recommend Pellon Shape Flex (SF - 101) or Pellon 520 Deco Fuse. For those in India who cannot get hold of either of these, you can use what is locally available and known as 'press canvas'.

You will also need a 2" piece of elastic (I use those girls elastic bands! I get them at the local departmental store for 0.50$ for 10!!!) and a button!

Cutting Instructions

Please take care while cutting directional prints. The dimensions listed here are Width x Height. Make sure all pieces are aligned in the same direction before cutting.

From the Outer Fabric

From the Outer Fabric cut:
O1 - ONE piece: 10” x 11”
O2 - TWO pieces: 10” x 5”

From the Pocket Fabric cut:
P3 - ONE piece: 10” x 2”
P4 - ONE piece: 10” x 3.5”
P5 - ONE piece: 7.5” x 5”

From the Lining Fabric cut:
L1 - ONE piece: 10” x 11”
L2 - TWO pieces: 10” x 5”
L3 - ONE piece: 10” x 2”
L4 - ONE piece: 10” x 3.5”
L5 - ONE piece: 7.5” x 5”

From the Lightweight Interfacing cut:
I1 - ONE piece: 10” x 11”
I2 - TWO pieces: 10” x 5”
I3 - ONE piece: 10” x 2”
I4 - ONE piece: 10” x 3.5”
I5 - ONE piece: 7.5” x 5”


  Pair all the Lightweight Interfacing pieces with their respective Pocket and Outer Fabric pieces and iron them on.
 Now place the Interface Fused Pocket Pieces with their respective Lining Pieces RIGHT SIDES TOGETHER and stitch as under:
a.       For P3 stitch along the TOP edge
b.      For P4 stitch along the TOP edge
c.       For P5 stitch along the LEFT edge

Turn over the pieces WRONG SIDES TOGETHER and press. Top stitch along the edges that we stitched in the previous step.

 Align the bottom edges of P1 & P2 pieces  as shown and stitch vertically at the center to make the two credit card pockets.

My favorite way is to just fold the smaller pocket in half vertically and finger press the crease. This then becomes the guideline for you to stitch on.

1.       Place the Pocket pieces on top of the two Outer Fabric Pieces O2 as shown.

1.       Place the Lining Pieces RIGHT SIDE DOWN and pin as shown.

Stitch along the pinned edges.  And turn them WRONG SIDES TOGETHER. Lay the Lining Piece L1 right side up and lay the two pocket pieces as shown.

Place the piece of elastic folded at the BOTTOM CENTER and baste in place.

Lay the Outer Fabric Piece RIGHT SIDE DOWN  followed by the batting (if chosen) and pin along all four edges. Stitch along the four edges keeping a 2.5” wide opening on one side.

Clip corners and turn inside out and top stitch along the four edges. I use the Height Compensation Tool that came with my Bernina 330 to stitch over the thick edges.

I found that I got the best results when I used the Aurifil 28 wt Cotton Mako Thread and a size 90/14 Top stitching needle. I used the same thread in the bobbin too. I tried using the regular 50 wt thread for the first one I made, but I felt that the 28 wt made sewing through the multiple layers easier and the finish smoother!

Attach the button on the outer side top. Your Bank Wallet is ready


And it fits all your bank needs perfectly!!!

It took me barely 50 minutes to make the second one too! So I am guessing it can be termed as a 1 hour project!!!

Do you like it? Will you be making one for yourself? Or will you be making it as a gift for someone? 
Dont forget to leave a comment and tell me if you make one, I'll be happy to put it up on my blog!



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  2. I love this, the pattern is so useful abd I love the fabric you picked.
    Especially since you want to travel next year.
    Thank you for posting it.

  3. What a wonderful tutorial, great graphics and detailed instructions! How fantastic for personal use as well as for gifts, thanks so much!!!!!!!!

  4. I've been wanting to make a wallet for a long time now! I should totally do this. :-) Oh, and I want to take a trip to a certain quilting extravaganza in February, too!

  5. Love it!!! Great idea. Thanks so much for the pattern and instructions :)


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