Monday, February 10, 2014

ASQA : Post # 1 : Cutting Instructions

Hiya all!

Finally, here's the first post on the ASQA!

Cutting Instructions.

Assuming that you guys already have the pattern and have since then bought the fabric you need, you are ready to cut into the wonderful fabric.

I have chosen to make my quilt with a Low Volume Color Scheme. I combined the Moda Low Volume FQ bundle with a few other fabrics that blended into it and made up this lovely bundle!

First cut up the fabric as required for each block. And sort into bundles.

After that take a bundle at a time and cut up pieces for the blocks as per the instructions in the pattern.

 Since we will be making HSTs from the 2 - 7/8" square pieces, I cut them into 3" square pieces. I will be squaring up the HSTs after they're done so it should be okay.

I used those plastic filing folders to hold the pieces of the blocks together. I put a sheet of white paper in it and put pieces for two blocks on either side of that sheet.

I use one of the metal rings that we use to organize index cards to hold all the 6 folders together...

Now you're ready to start putting together the blocks.

Ready for the next set of instructions?


  1. I am not a quilter however I am impressed with your organized way of beginning your project. Creative Bliss...

  2. please could you tell me where i get the pattern, im a bit late joining in with you, but hoping to catch up :)


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