Sunday, May 18, 2014

Bloggers Quilt Festival : Home Machine Quilted

Hi again!!!
All those who read my previous post - Bloggers quilt Festival : Applique Quilt - I'm entering another quilt in the festival. This time in the Home Machine Quilted Category!

Those who have not seen my previous entry,
"Hi! Its that time of the year again!!!
Amy form Amy's Creative Side painstakingly organizes an online Quilt Festival for all those who cannot attend the live ones - so that we do not miss out on all the fun!!!

Go on to her blog to check all the categories and vote for your favorite one when the voting starts! Voting begins on May 23. So mark your calenders. Of course in the Applique Quilt Category and the Home Machine Quilted Category I'd love if you vote for my quilt, but in the other categories, you can vote for your favorite one!

Here's the quilt that I'm entering into the festival!!!"

Do check out my other quilt too!


It has already won the fourth place in India's first ever Quilt Competition organized by Husqvarna Viking. And has earned me an Opal 670!

This quilt was made using the Machine Trapunto technique. It took an agonizing 2 months to make, when more than once I decided that it was not worth it and almost gave up!

My 'Emily' - a Bernina 330 - did a great job on this one! Read more about the process of making this quilt in my older blog post.

I'm proud of this work for many reasons, firstly it was a white on white quilt that has managed to stay white on white after completion!!! That in itself is a HUGE achievement for me!

 Secondly, it used a technique that  required patience, precision and perseverance - the 3 P's I just lack! But I overcame that and made it!  Thats another achievement.

Third, I overcame a lot of hurdles to make this one. Quilting as well as personal. There were times when I gave up - saying something else was more important than entering into a competition. But I'm glad today that I did it!

Quilt stats
Name of the Quilt : Pensieve
Size : 36" x 36"
Fabric Used : Kona Snow
Thread : Calypso Off White - #0000261
Technique Used : Trapunto
Experience : Satisfying and encouraging!

Do you like it???
If yes, then vote for me  after 23rd May!!!


  1. It is beautiful! Well done!

  2. Wow, I can see how this project could become overwhelming and just be put away forever ! Congratulations on sticking with it and making a quilt worthy of a super winning prize !

  3. This is amazing!! I'm so glad you didn't give up - your work is too good. :-) And congrats on winning fourth in the competition - I hope it's just the first of many in India.

  4. Absolutely stunning. You did a wonderful job.

  5. Oh my goodness, this is just stunning! Gorgeous work and well done you for persevering through the tough times.

  6. Wow Wow Wow! Truly beautiful work!!

  7. This is really really gorgeous. I love the whole cloth-but-not-traditional-whole-cloth pattern. Really wonderful job!

  8. Fabulous! So glad you stuck with it! Isn't it funny how in the end those projects we walk away from (or really want to walk away from!) are the ones that end up being so wonderful? Your quilting is beautiful! Congrats on the new sewing machine!! :)

  9. Beautiful quilt, amazing quilting! So much work went in to it!! Glad you finished it and shared with us :-)

  10. Gorgeous quilt! It can't imagine how many hours and sore hands and fingers went into it. Bravo.


  11. It's absolutely lovely! Love a whole cloth quilt.

  12. Beautiful! I love the quilting and well done on keeping it white!!

  13. I just discover your blog through the Quilt Festival. You are very creative. And I laugh about the quilt remaining white !!

  14. an absolutely amazing quilt :)

  15. so glad to find your blog! Isn't quilt travel fun?
    Leeanna Paylor

  16. OMG this is absolutely beautiful...I love Trapunto and not many peopel do it any longer...Great Work

  17. Your work really paid off here--amazing!


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