Thursday, May 8, 2014

My awesome new studio...

Did I tell you about my brand new studio???

Of course I did. But did I mention how awesome it was?

Pull up a comfortable chair and take along a cup of coffee - on second thoughts - maybe you should stick to something cold! You might drop it on yourself after seeing the studio!!!

Ready for the tour???

Welcome to the brand new studio of 13 Woodhouse Road

This is my personal sewing area! I have my stash of designer fabric near the ironing station and the cutting table. I sit on the table with my back to it! The wonderful overhead light is my favorite one and has been with me since 2005. It was first in my office then in my son's room and now in my studio!


 Here's what the entire space looks like. Out of that door is my own private toilet block!!! Yippe!!! What more Can I ask for?

The ironing station is actually a kitchen platform. I have retained the sink and its fixtures so that I can use it for soaking fabric as well as for my dyeing experiments!

The cutting table is from my days before my marriage! It used to be my office table back home (@2002) and then moved to Sangli with me! I just love it!

The cutting mats are all worn out. But I haven't had the time to replace them, yet.

 Thats my sewing machine set up along with my miscellaneous shelves and my wonderful design wall. On the DW hangs my first finish in the new studio! It needs a separate post of its own though!!!

I keep all my regular sewing supplies in that small orange bowl next to my machine. The shelves under the machine have my threads in boxes sorted by color. Will get a separate picture of them later!
The same shelves also hold my machine accessories and maintenance stuff!

See that small hole in the flooring next to the table? That is an old tool used in Indian kitchens instead of the modern Mortar & Pestles. It was carved out of a stone and used in the flooring! A wooden stump would be used as a pestle.

I sit facing my small "Office" space. The black top table is where I have put up my computer. It also has an inspiration board next to it and a wall shelf for keeping my books and notebooks.

I am so in love with my new space.

There's more on the other side too.

The large table is waiting for something - HUGE! I'm waiting for it with my heart in my mouth! Not one but 2 arrivals at 13 Woodhouse Road scheduled in the next few days!!!

More on them when they arrive!

I finally found the PERFECT place to hang my Apsara Quilt. It can be seen right when you enter! And looks awesome!

The table against the wall holds my Bernette and my HV E10. 


This is my "Shop" corner. It has all my for sale stuff! iQuilt is here on a visit before he flies off across the oceans to participate in various quilt shows.

And I found him the perfect place too!!!
my God and my brother's iGod sit side by side looking over my Grandmother's machine!

I'm so happy with my new space!!!

And do you know the best part? I did not buy anything new except the paint and the 2 chairs!!!

I am a firm believer in recycling! And so decided to make EVERYTHING from the material that I already had in the studio!

My partitions became the shelves along the wall. The top part went under the two flush doors to become tables!!!

EVERYTHING is recycled!!!

Now you know why I have been MIA for the past few weeks. But there are things that happened in these past few days that are worth mentioning!

So await my next post!!!

P.S. Want a sneak peek?


  1. Wow it looks great! Lucky lucky!

  2. beautiful space! love your recycling efforts. lucky you - thanks for sharing:)


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