Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The HOVER Quilt

This is my first commissioned work! and now that the quilt is received, I'm free to write about it!

Okay the order was placed by my brother, but that doesn't make it any less!

After being blown off by the iQuilt, my brother wanted me to make a quilt for one of his clients.

Hover Inc

Here's what their logo looks like

They convert 2D elevation photos into 3D objects. So that's what I decided to do with their logo.

It was a long time since I had been in touch with the architect in me!

It was during having my morning cup of tea that I made my first sketch!!!

I was running on a tight schedule. I had more than a week when I started, but then we planned this long weekend trip just before I was scheduled to leave to spend some time with my parents! So I was left with just 4 days to start and finish the quilt.

The fabrics were pulled. I made my brother buy and send me the blue fabric so that I would get the colour right! So while he went shopping - 250 km away - I worked on the appliqué words!

I chose to appliqué rather than piece it so that I could finish it faster. I knew I would need 2 full days (And I mean about 10-16 hour days) just for the quilting! So I had to finish the appliqué without waiting for the background fabric to arrive! I appliquéd it on a light weight interfacing. I then appliquéd the entire thing onto the backing fabric when it arrived!

Day 2 post lunch saw me basting the beast! It was pretty big then, but I later trimmed it down to 60" x 38". It took me more than 30 hours to straight line quilt it. Little brother wanted the quilting to be dense to make the quilt stiff! So densely quilt I did... Want to know how dense?

Thats how dense it was!!! 95% of the quilt is quilted that densely!!!

At the end of Day 4 - well ACTUALLY  the end of - I finished my work at 12.30 am! The quilt was ready!!! I was happy with it. Needed to be sure that Little Brother was too!

When I gave it to him, he was overjoyed! And I got a quick hug from him, which told me a lot more than words would have. :)

Quilt stats :
Name : Hover
Size : 60" x 38"
Material used : Fabric - Bella Solids White, GrayEtchings and a local solid cotton similar to Bella solid Bright Sky. I have used a Bella Solids Black for the binding.
Thread : Aurifil 50 wt thread in white, Slate GrayCharcoal, Light Blue and Sapphire
The shadow under 'O' has been done with Fabric Crayons
Technique used : Appliqué, Free Motion Quilting.

Did the guys at Hover Inc like it?

They all posed for a photo with the quilt for my blog!!! Isn't that awesome?

That's my little brother sitting on the extreme left! "They went Crazy" were his exact words!!!

I'm so happy!!!

BTW, I have something to show you guys!!! But that HAS TO BE a separate post!

I can give you  sneak peek though...

Can you believe me if I tell you it has been home for more than a week and I have not opened it?

Well, its true. But its also true that though it has been home, I haven't!!!

So wait for my full post later this week!!!

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  1. Your quilting, and patience, is amazing. I'm just finishing a 1/2 inch vertical lines spacing. I was going to 1/4 but I will leave it that way. Great picture with the rules, it says everything. I really love the effect the white thread do on the blue fabric.


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