Saturday, November 1, 2014

20 Random things about me!!!

Hello all!!!

This has been a long due post! For the past few days, I have been having a lot of new traffic to my blog. So I thought this would be a great time to tell you guys something about me! So here are 20 random things about me!

1. Thats me!!! And my favorite sewing machine Ross - my Bernina 710!!! I took a major financial decision and brought Ross home in May this year. It was the best decision I have ever taken!!!

2. I dont like muddy colors. I have tried to use them in my quilts, but I just end up feeling low!!!

3. I'm an architect by profession! I spent 5 years of my life studying architecture and then 5 years practicing it before I found my calling!!!

4. I have been quilting for 5 years only. I took up quilting as a means to occupy myself on a sabbatical following a bout of Chikungunya. I fell in love with it, and haven't looked back since! Nothing can take me back to my job now! I am, and always want to be, a full time quilter!

5. I am afraid scared terrified of swimming! I dont say water, because I went SCUBA diving 2 years back and loved it! I tried to learn to swim, but when the time came to swim without any aid, I fell sick!!!

6. When I took up quilting, I started out with modern quilts. That was because it was easier, required less precision (or that's what I thought) and had a lot of online presence! I fell in love with it gradually - modern quilting! I feel like it is an empty canvas that I can fill with my creativity.

7. I cannot cook! When it comes to cooking I have two left hands!!! I wont starve myself and the family in case of emergencies, but I'd rather do ANYTHING else than cook!!! I hate it. Fortunately I do not have to! I have a cook who makes the basic chapati & rice and my MIL lives on the lower floor of the same house and she makes the veggies and dal!!! My husband has started experimenting with cooking on Sundays (the only day he has a holiday) and he makes the most savory dishes to fill me up every Sunday!

8. I use a scooter - A Suzuki Access - a 125 cc bike, to do my errands! I prefer that to the family car. It makes driving through the insane traffic and narrow roads here much easier! Not to add the ease of parking!!!

9. I have been trying to loose weight from as early as I can remember! I just took up a gym membership and i'm working out 5 days a week now! The weight is coming off, but super-slow! I want to be the weight I was when I got married by February.

10. I will be visiting USA for QuiltCon 2015!!! I am so thrilled to do that! It has been my dream since the last Quiltcon! I have been saving up for 2 years for it! I even had to sell my favorite quilt - Apsara Aali for it!

11. I am 35. I am married to Rohit, a wonderful husband - who is my anchor and keeps my feet firmly on the g round all the time! I have a 7 year old son, Aadi! He's quite a handful and loves to play on my sewing machine! He is scared of Ross though, so he plays with Emily - my Bernina 330 (she's named after my quilting BFF Emily from Mommys Naptime)

12. I dont have a favorite color! I love colors and picking one as my favorite does not seem fair to the other fabulous ones! I go through phases of liking 'combinations' though. I loved Grey-White-Yellow, then I went through a phase of loving Red-black-White and then Grey-White- Orange! My wardrobe is full of stuff in Turquoise blue! Most of my sarees are that color too! (though I do not wear them often, I do have a load of them, not to mention that since no 'fitting' is involved, I can always wear my Mom's or my MIL's)

13. I love getting up early. I get up an hour early than I need to be so that I can get some 'me' time!

14. I grew up in a joint family. My father and his brother lived together till recently and I was the only girl in the household with 3 boys! And I was also the eldest of the lot! All our other cousins came over for Summer holidays and we always had a blast with about 10 kids at the house - 8 boys and 2 girls!!!

15. I have an awesome quilting studio! my studio has transitioned from a corner of my living-dining area to a small room which was a part of my master suite to a dedicated sewing room to now a cottage in the backyard converted into a sewing studio!!!

16. I have the most awesome in-laws in the world! My FIL & MIL are my staunch supporters. Without them, I would not have been able to pursue my passion! They take care of my son while I'm out and they also motivate me!!!

17. I was the founder president of the India Modern Quilt Guild. It now is the India Quilt Guild after the membership was regularized!

18. Mr. Ajay Gupta owner of Bernina India has been my biggest support! He believed in my, when even I did not! He has given me my biggest opportunity - to teach! He also is a huge motivator when it comes to scaling new heights in quilting! Every time I visit Bernina India, we spend a lot of time talking about what I can do to improve myself!!!

19. I love ice-cream. Mango is my favorite flavour! And I hate chocolates!!! My favorite spicy food is pani-puri and Maggi!!!

20. My favorite holiday destination is Goa!!! And fortunately, it is also Rohit & Aadi's favorite! We go there at least once every year! Even on the day that this post will be published, I will be at the beach relaxing!!!

I am happy to have all you new visitors on my blog. Please leave a comment so that I know you were here!!!



  1. So fun to learn more about you. I hope we can meet at QuiltCon!

  2. just found you again after changing internet providers

  3. Great to learn a few more things about you Shruti!!

  4. Ah such a great looking machine! Waiting to see the marvels you make on them Shruti

  5. Thanks!!! So sorry for the delay in replying! I was traveling when you left the comment! Yeah its an awesome machine!

  6. Thanks!!! So sorry for the delay in replying! I was traveling when you left the comment!

  7. Thanks!!! So sorry for the delay in replying! I was traveling when you left the comment!

  8. Thanks!!! So sorry for the delay in replying! I was traveling when you left the comment!
    I'm looking forward to meeting you too!!!


  9. Shruti, wow, so nice to read about you! So sorry you had to sell your favorite quilt, (it's gorgeous and looks three-dimensional!), but for Quilt Con, (I would love to go some day, too), it will be worth it, I hope! I love your studio - wonderful! Question for you: Have you ever heard of Kawandi, quilting that the Siddis do? While reading blogs I stumbled upon an 84-yr-old woman (Margaret Fabrizio - are you familiar?) from the States who has been visiting them regularly to learn how to make kawandi, and now I want to learn! They are fabulous quilts. Very, very different from what we are used to here in the States. I can think of nothing else these days but figuring it out, short of visiting India, which I don't have the money for. Any insight you can give me would be appreciated!

  10. Great to meet you and read a bit about you. I love your entry in the roygbiv category and have been trying to leave a comment but having difficulty.

  11. Hi Shruti, its finally great to know you online! Hope we would meet sometime. It was nice to see that you enjoyed QuiltCon. Your work is beautiful! Loved visiting your website! Saw you in IG on KrishmaQuilt's feed.

  12. Glad to meet you!! This mini insight into your life is wonderful. Thank you for sharing, I know I'm a bit late but I just found it LOL.I too am self taught but not as amazing as you have been. I love that Bernina India is supporting your creativity.

  13. I am so happy to get to know your blog!
    Katell, France


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