Thursday, November 27, 2014

A book release and BERNINA ambassador!

This  week has been totally awesome!

The highlight of the week is something I have been working on for almost 6 months now!

My first ebook!!!


I'm nervous, excited, anxious, happy, scared, delighted, and utterly terrified ALL AT THE SAME TIME! I never would have thought you could be all those things together!

So here's presenting to you, my first ebook

ABOUT face : Portrait quilts using reverse applique technique!

 Alex Veronelli of Aurifil generously agreed to be the subject for the book! I loved making his portrait! I'm calling it Mr. Aurifil!

The quilt itself is @36" x 36"

I have used Aurifil monofilament thread, both white & smoke to put together the quilt top and Aurifil #50 and #40 threads in assorted shades of Grey to quilt it. I have used 5 shades of fabrics from Kona cottons and Ross (my Bernina 710) had absolutely no trouble sewing through all the layers!

 Writing an ebook was a super experience! I have no idea how people are going to receive the book! But I'm doing it for me! It will make me happy! 

I am really proud of my work, as well as the fact that I came up with this technique by myself. Making portraits using applique is a pretty common but highly time consuming method. I wanted something that is quicker! And this book will teach you how to make Portrait quilts, quickly! Want to know how quickly?

Well, Dada Ajoba's portrait took me 3 months with about 3-4 hours of work everyday (do the math). But Steve Jobs took me a week with about 1-2 hours every day (@10-14 hours). Alex took me 3 weeks with about 5-6 hours every WEEK! (@15-18 hours)

Go buy the book in my Etsy shop here! Or click the "My Etsy Shop" button on the bar above!

Quilt Stats
Name : Mr Aurifil
Size : 36" x 36"
Material : Fabric - Kona cotton - PDF Bleach White,Silver, Ash, Steel and Jet Black.
Backing fabric - Block Printed Indian Cotton from stash
Thread - Aurifil monofilament Clear & Smoke
Aurifil 50 & 40 weight White, Dove, Grey, Very Dark Grey and Black 
Technique : Reverse Applique
Experience : Ranging from utter helplessness to ecstasy!!! Making the quilt was totally awesome, writing the book was, at times, terrifying!

And now coming to the second part of why this week is awesome!

I have been chosen as a BERNINA Ambassador! It is a HUGE honor! I have always loved Bernina and right from the first machine that I bought, I have been amazed by not just the quality of the machines, but also by the excellent service provided by Bernina India - specifically Mr. Ajay Gupta.

Be it my Bernette e56 (the lowest machine on the price ladder) or my 710 (somewhere near the top), they have been equally attentive and have always advised me generously. I still remember my call to Mr. Gupta when I was looking to buy a new machine. I told him my budget and then asked his advice about which machine I should buy, and he told me not just the features and limitations of the Bernette e56 that I ended up buying, but also of the machines of the other brands within that price range. Every trip to Mumbai, now, includes a heart to heart conversation with him where he guides me like an elder brother would guide his sister. He has been supporting and encouraging me right since when I was a novice! He believed in me even when my own belief was breaking down into pieces. 

And now, to be made a BERNINA Ambassador!!! Wow! You will find me blogging on the official BERNINA international blog very soon. I am actually working on my first project to be put up there, right now!


  1. Congrats,Shruti!!!! Wonderful news in two different areas!!!

  2. Many congratulations Shruti on both accounts :-)

  3. I am thrilled for your accomplishments, Shruti, and feel you will be a wonderful ambassador for Bernina. I am hoping to meet you in Austin! <3 --Rochelle Erickson


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