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52 Prompts to Blog Every Week in 2015 : specially for quilters

I know i have been slacking on the blogging front for quite a while now...
But I do have a lot of plans for my blog in the next year.
Whats different about that? Well, I have a VERY specific plan for the next year!
I'm sharing my plan with you today!

I will probably be doing a linky party every Monday. The topics are all listed below. You can join me in the Blogging Party! The linky will be open all week!

Here's the list :

January is the month of planning. The focus in this month is to dream and dream about ways to achieve this dream.

Jan 05: Quilting resolutions for the new year : Post about all the things that you plan for your blog and for the quilting stuff in your life in the new year.
Jan 12: Keeping it real : What the situation currently is in your quilting studio.
Jan 19: Dream Sewing Space : Show us what your dreams are.
Jan 26: Favorite Organizing Tools : Show us the tools that you use to organize your quilting stuff.

February is the month of love. We will be telling about our favorite things this month.

Feb 02: Sewing Machine : Tell us about the favorite sewing machine you have  or your dream sewing machine.
Feb 09: Fabric : Tell us about your favorite fabric.
Feb 16: Quilter : Tell us about your favorite quilter.
Feb 23: Quilt : Tell us about the quilt you have made which is your favorite.

March is a month when we will share our experiences with everyone.

Mar 02: Quilt Show : Tell us about a quilt show you have attended or would like to attend.
Mar 09: Quilting Class : Tell us about a quilting class you took. It could be an online class too.
Mar 16: Quilt Guild or Group : Tell us about a quilt guild or a group that you are a member of. Again, it could be an online group too!
Mar 23: First Quilt : Tell us about your experience when you made your first quilt!
Mar 30: Making a Quilt for someone you love : Tell us the story of a quilt you made for someone you love. How you made it? Why did you make it? How did you feel?

April is when we will be teaching and learning from each other. Tutorials will be the theme for this month. You could write tutorials this month or write about your favorite tutorials from someone else's blog and include a link to it.

Apr 06: Tutorial - Item : Write a tutorial for a small item. A mini quilt, mug rug, bag, pouch absolutely anything that you want to. Or share a quilting tutorial written by someone else that you love.
Apr 13: Tutorial - FMQ Design : Write a tutorial for your favorite FMQ design. Or share one that you love.
Apr 20: Photography Tips : Tell us about your photography tips.
Apr 27: Tutorial - Technique : Tell us about the technique that you love. It could be anything - binding, piecing, applique absolutely anything!

May is the month when we have school holidays here in India. So this month will be about vacations. It might have some posts that will be more in general.

May 04: Favorite Holiday Destination : Tell us about your favorite holiday destination. How was your trip? Who did you go with? What did you do?
May 11: Trip Essentials : Every trip needs different stuff. But I'm sure there are some things you just HAVE to carry with you for every trip. What are those?
May 18: Carry with you - quilting : Is there any quilting stuff that you carry along with you? If yes, what is it? And do you really work on it when you're there? If not, why not?
May 25: Dream Vacation : What is your dream vacation? Who will you go with? What do you plan to do?

June will be the month we will focus on fabrics!

Jun 01: Favorite Fabric Line : Tell us about your favorite fabric line. Who designed it? Why do you love it?
Jun 08: Favorite Fabric - Neutral or Solid : Tell us about your go-to neutral or solid fabric. Why do you choose it every time? How much do you buy each time? Where do you buy it from?
Jun 15: Favorite Fabric - Backing : Which is the fabric that you usually use for backing your quilts? If you use a different one each time, how do you choose the backing fabric? Do you piece your backs or use a single fabric?
Jun 22: Favorite Fabric - Designer : Who is your favorite fabric designer? Why? Which design of his/her is your favorite?
Jun 29: Favorite Fabric - Material: We all use cotton fabrics for quilting. Have you used any other fabric? How was it? Did you like it? Why? didn't you like it? Why?

July is all about notions.

Jul 06: Cutting Tools : Tell us about the cutting tools that you have and love to use. How does that help you make your work better? Is there anything you'd like to change about them? Is there anything you wished you had?
Jul 13: Templates and Rulers : Do you use any quilting templates or special rulers? Do you love them? Is there a template or ruler you wished they had made?
Jul 20: Marking tools : What are the marking tools that you use to mark the fabric? Temporary and permanent. Are there any tools you's like to have?
Jul 27: Other Notions : Are there any other notions that you use and love? Are there any you hate? Tell us about them.

August is all bout threads!

Aug 03: Thread - Brand : Which is your favorite brand of thread? Have you used other brands? Why is it your favorite? Where do you buy it from?
 Aug 10: Thread - Color : Which is your favorite thread color? How often do you use it? How much of it do you have right now?
Aug 17: Thread - Weight : What weight thread do you use for piecing? For quilting? Have you used threads of different weights? How was your experience? Any recommendations?
Aug 24 : Thread - Type : What type of thread have you used? Want to use? Monofil, Polyester, Metallic? Any tips on using that thread?
Aug 31: Thread - Storage : How do you store your thread? Bobbins? Any tips on thread & bobbin storage?

In September, we will be talking about sewing machines.

Sep 07: Sewing Machine - Yours : What sewing machine (s) do you currently have? Which is your favorite?
Sep 14: Dream Sewing Machine : Which is your dream sewing machine? What do you love about it? How much does it cost? When do you plan to buy it? Have you seen / used it? How did you feel?
Sep 21: Sewing Machine Names : Does your sewing machine(s) has a name? Why did you choose that name?
Sep 28: Sewing Machine Maintenance : How often do you clean / service your sewing machine? Have you had any problems with it? How did you solve them? Any tips about maintaining your sewing machine in excellent condition?

October is a month when we talk about storage.

Oct 05: Storage - Fabric : How do you store your fabric? How do you wish you stored your fabric?
Oct 12: Storage - Notions : How do you store all your notions? Any tips on storing notions?
Oct 19: Storage - Patterns : How do you store your quilt patterns? How do you save your online PDF patterns and eBooks so that you can find the one that you want when you want it.
Oct 26: Storage - Finished Goods or Quilts: How do you store all the lovely quilts that you have made? Any tips to store them so that they are always in excellent condition?

Holidays are fast approaching and it is time for making those lovely gifts! So the theme of November will be handmade gifts.

Nov 02: Wishlist! : Let us start with you! What would you like to receive this holiday season? Feel free to share your wishlist so that your family and friends know what to buy for you!
Nov 09: Gifts for Boys: What would you recommend making for the men in your life? Little boys or bigger boys both.
Nov 16: Gifts for Girls: What would you recommend making for the women in your lives? Little women or the elder ones.
Nov 23: Gifts for Pets: Do you have a pet who is a family member? What would you make for him/her?
Nov 30: Little Gifts : Share your tutorials or gift ideas for little gifts that can make great stocking stuffers.

December will mark a near-end to our blogging journey together. It is time to look back at how far we have come.

Dec 07: Review resolutions : Go back to your first post of the year and see how many of the new year resolutions you have achieved. how far have you come? How do you feel?
Dec 14: Blog journey : You have been blogging fairly regularly for the entire year now, ahs that impacted your blog? How? Has that impacted you? How?
Dec 21: Dream Sewing Space: Remember your dream sewing space? Go back to that post, and see how close are you to your dream? What have you done? What do you have to do?
Dec 28: Way forward : Now that you have done an year of regular blogging, do you want to do that again next year? Any suggestions for the prompts?

Will you be joining me on my journey next year? Do leave a comment and let me know!


  1. What a fantastic idea, Shruti! My blogging could use some inspiration and discipline :)

  2. it's possible that I might blog again... great idea!

  3. Sounds like an idea! Now if I can make it work for me!


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