Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Quiltcon Part 1 : Roomies!!!

I went to QuiltCon this year!
It was a dream come true for me. I had been planning on doing this since Quiltcon2013.
I managed to save enough money to make it a reality this year!!!

It was an awesome experience!!!

I traveled 9500 miles to reach Austin, but it was totally worth it!

I will need much more than one post to write about all that. But in this post, I will write about the wonderful women that I shared my room with!

Here are my room mates for QuiltCon.

From left to right : Laura (she won the people's choice award for her awesome quilt), Emily (since we had 2 Emilies in the room I called her EmB), Elaine, Me and Emily (This one was EmL)

We stayed at the Marriott! It was a beautiful room on the 10th floor with a wonderful view of Downtown Austin.

Meeting Emily (EmL) was the highlight of this trip EmL and me have known each other since 2010 and we really became friends in 2011 after I made this Doll Quilt for her in a Swap.

We have been talking (aka chatting on FB) with each other so many times. When she went to Austin in 2013 and had a lot of fun, I was so jealous! It was then that we decided that we will be roomies for Quiltcon 2015!!!

EmL's and mine is a friendship I cannot describe! Meeting her in flesh was so awesome!

We talked a lot (as much as I could stay awake to do) into the night. We got Tattoos together. Not same ones (But I'm sure she's going to get one to match mine - she was so in love with it)

Mine is the "expecto patronum' one.

She did hers first. I was super nervous. When I asked her if it pained a lot. she said - Not a lot. A little. But when I started getting mine done it pained. A LOT!!! I was actually glaring at her!!!

We spent a lot of time giggling about it!!!

When it was time for good byes, we did share a lot of tears. I remember people giving us sympathy smiles or avoiding looking at us while we stood outside a classroom that I was volunteering in and hugged and cried!

I loved all my roomies! I had heard about them through Emily. We started chatting on FB as a group and if one of us missed a (long) conversation, they had to go back and scroll through eternity to get to the top!

We also had our own roomie swap!

I made all the girls mini quilts. Here they are.

This one is Emily B's

 This one was for Elaine. I wasn't a huge fan of the colours, but this was definitely the one most difficult to part with!

 This one was for Laura. It even had her blue glasses!

Lastly, this one was for EmB. It was the most difficult to make. I dont know why. But it was also the fastest to come together!

I had a blast at Quiltcon because I had such wonderful girls to come back 'home' to! Thank you ladies, for making my stay awesome and for making me not feel homesick.

More about my trip in the next post. Stay tuned!!!

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  1. Yours hurt so much more because of location lol... that's where my first one is and the guy said even he wouldn't get something right on the inner wrist like that lol


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