Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Free Motion Quilting Love!!!

I love FMQ as much as I love my family! That goes on to say a lot about me and my dual love :)
I have recently grown to love Matchstick Quilting. I just adore the way it changes the texture of fabric and adds  character to the quilt top, a character quite distinct from what it was before. It renders the quilt a personality of its own.
Some of the recent ones are here!

Matchstick Quilting is all about straight lines very close to each other, usually parallel and along the warp/weft. However, you can try it along the bias as well and if you are careful about the fabric not getting stretched, this should work well. However, I'd suggest you to be careful if you are sewing on the bias, I usually sew along the grain of the fabric, either the warp or the weft.

On my Bernina 710, (I lovingly call him Ross), my BSR (Bernina Stitch Regulator) is a constant companion in my quilting endeavors also because matchstick quilting, with it, is just a breeze and the stitch regulator gives it the much needed form and structure.Its like, after QuiltCon, with so much of inspiration, I cannot stop myself from making more and more quilts this way!

As you are aware by now, I promised to write more frequently under the 52 Prompts to blog every week. You can find the link here Come join me and together we can have some quilty fun!!


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