Thursday, May 7, 2015

When your Aurifil breaks!!!

Today as I was Free Motion Quilting my quilt, my thread kept breaking.

Yes I was using the best thread that the sewing industry had to offer. But it just kept on breaking!!!

My first thought was it was because of my quilt. I was using a canvas painted with acrylic paints as the quilt top!

I quilted on a regular sandwich and it still broke!

Now I was a little irritated.

I tried using a different thread!

Same result! It just kept breaking!

Now I was about to come home and write to Alex about it. And thats when I saw it!!!

I was threading the machine wrong! It was actually passing through the cutter near the bobbin winder!!!

Yes, I have been using this machine for an year now!
Yes, I did use it earlier this week when I finished my other projects!!
Yes, I did not realize till half an hour later!!!

Once i had rectified my mistake the quilt came along super fast!!!

So when your Aurifil breaks, go check everything else!!! Because more often than not, you are messing up something else!!!

Will I leave you without a photo of what I made?

I finished not one, two but THREE quilts today. Granted they are all minis... But it was a lot of quilting!

First is the one I made on canvas!
I'm calling it Manhattan by Night!!!

The second one, is made based on a technique I learned at a workshop by Jutta Hellback at the Bernina Creative Center in Mumbai a few weeks back.
I'm calling it "Sea Foam"

I am planning to change the binding though!!!

And the third is a OMG quilt. I joined a new facebook group a few days back. OMG stands for Organic Modern Graphic!
I'm calling it "It took ten" because it took that many days to understand the concept. That many ideas to finalize the design. And that many minutes to actually make it!!!

Do you like them all???

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