Monday, June 29, 2015

Bella Parade 2015: Week 1 giveaway

We are at the end of week 1
oh!what a week!!
Five opportunities to win Bella solids and Aurifil ...
Plus one Mega opportunity to win this super hamper!!


Bella Parade FQ Bundle (25 FQs) and 25 Aurifil Spools of 50 wt!!!
Drumroll please !!

Here are the winners ...
Day1: The Bella solid was DOVE
and the winner is Andrea York
Day2: The Bella solid was PARFAIT PINK
and the winner is @priza_7 (from twitter)
Day3: The Bella solid was TURQUOISE
and the winner is Olivia Hascher
Day1: The Bella solid was TANGERINE
and the winner is @freshdewdrops (on Instagram)
Day1: The Bella solid was SPROUT
and the winner is Phyllis
Congratulations to all the winners and than you for all the lovely comments you have posted. I have read through each one of them I greatly appreciate the effort to share :)

To be eligible for the weekly prize,which is this mega loot aboe,  you have to participate  at least once throughout the said week.

The winner of the first mega weekly giveaway is
Prajakta Telang

If you aren't a winner, don't loose hope, there are more weeks of fun and opportunities ahead and larger giveaways to vie for!!


  1. I won , I won, I won!!!! Thank u so very much Shruti, for choosing me as the winner from Twitter (@priza_7) :) this is by far the most exciting n fun contest I've ever taken part in.. Thank u once again :) God bless u...

  2. this has been fun! Congratulations to the winners. Bring it on LOL can't wait for more

  3. Congratulations to the winners!

  4. I'm a winner! Thank you!
    IG @freshdewdrops

  5. Thank you! This was a fun week guessing the names of the colors!

  6. Did week 2 get posted yet? Thank you for so much fun!

  7. Congratulations to all the winners! Isn't this FUN!

  8. Congratulations to all the prize winners!


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