Monday, July 6, 2015

Bella Parade 2015: Week 2 giveaway

I cant believe that we are at the end of week 2
 What a lovely week we had...
 Five opportunities to win Bella solids and Aurifil ...
Plus one Mega opportunity to win this week's super hamper!!

Bella Parade FQ Bundle (25 FQs) and 25 Aurifil Spools of 40 wt!!!

Drumroll please !!

Here are the winners ...
Day6: The Bella solid was SUNSHINE
and the winner is Heather J
Day7: The Bella solid was COBALT
and the winner is jacklynngt (from Instagram)
Day8: The Bella solid was DILL
and the winner is Sangeeta Chabbra
Day9: The Bella solid was AMELIA ORANGE
and the winner is Clara (@Sorcha83 from Twitter)
Day10: The Bella solid wasBOYSENBERRY
and the winner is Sneha Deshpande (from Facebook)
Congratulations to all the winners and than you for all the lovely comments you have posted. I have read through each one of them I greatly appreciate the effort to share :)

To be eligible for the weekly prize,which is this mega loot aboe,  you have to participate  at least once throughout the said week.
The winner of the second mega weekly giveaway is 
Aarti Durvasula (from Facebook)

If you aren't a winner, don't loose hope, there are three more weeks of fun and opportunities ahead and larger giveaways to vie for!!


  1. Congratulations to all you lucky winners

  2. Love how this is going

  3. Wow...congratulations to the winners ! ! !
    And hope to win in next two weeks :))

  4. Just found you from IG, I love matching my colors!!! This is awesome!

  5. congratulations to all the winners!! Let's continue the fun!!
    Thank you


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