Thursday, August 20, 2015

Calling out to Bella Parade Winners!!!

Hi all!!!
the Bella Parade ended more than 3 weeks back. All my parcels are packed now and those whom I met in person, have been delivered.

Here's the final list and status of the shipping!

Day 1 : DOVE : Andrea York (Ready to Ship)
Day 2 : PARFAIT PINK : @priza_7 (Ready to Ship)
Day 3 : TURQUOISE : Olivia Hascher (Awaiting Address)
Day 4 : TANGERINE : @freshdewdrops - Instagram (Awaiting Address)
Day 5 : SPROUT : Phyllis (Awaiting Address)
Day 6 : Sunshine : Heather J (Ready to Ship)
Day 7 : COBALT : jacklynngt - Instagram (Ready to Ship)
Day 8 : DILL : Sangeeta Chabbra (Ready to Ship)
Day 9 : AMELIA ORANGE : Clara (Ready to Ship)
Day 10 : BOYSENBERRY : Sneha Deshpande (Delivered)
Day 11 : NIGHT SKY : Revathi (Ready to Ship)
Day 12 : COUNTRY RED : Prabha Mathew (Ready to Ship)
Day 13 : CAPRI : Darlene Jacolik (Awaiting Address)
Day 14 : SUNFLOWER : Afton Warrick (Ready to Ship)
Day 15 : LAVENDER : Afton Warrick (Ready to Ship)
Day 16 : CAYENNE : Archana Bhargava - Twitter (Ready to Ship)
Day 17 : ACID GREEN : Kat Scott (Ready to Ship)
Day 18 : BRIGHT TURQUOISE : Lisa (Ready to Ship)
Day 19 : DUSK : Shraddha Vyas (Delivered)
Day 20 : AMELIA LAVENDER : lschweitzer - Instagram (Ready to Ship)
Day 21 : COASTAL : Denise Mitchell (Awaiting Address)
Day 22 : FUCHSIA : lschweitzer - Instagram (Ready to Ship)
Day 23 : ROYAL : pajtr (Ready to Ship)
Day 24 : ZEN GREY : AmyTLo (Ready to Ship)
Day 25 : PASTEL BLUE : Nissy Ephrain (Ready to Ship)

Week 1 : Prajakta Telang (Delivered)
Week 2 : Aarti Durvasula (Ready to Ship)
Week 3 : Kausalya Pandit (Delivered)
Week 4 : Bea (Ready to Ship)

Grand Finale : Sneha Deshpande (Delivered)

All those whose names are marked in RED, please email your shipping addresses to shruti[at]13woodhouseroad[dot]com

I will be shipping out the (Ready to Ship) packages tomorrow - Friday 21st Aug.

I will wait for ONE WEEK for the winners to get back to me with their addresses or else draw a new winner!!!



  1. It's you who ship all the packages ? I thinked fabric come from FQS and Aurifil directly from Italy near France...Do you know how many days it take from your country , please ? Again thank you

  2. Day 21 : COASTAL : Denise Mitchell (Awaiting Address) I sent it twice

  3. I just messaged you for the third time.

  4. I was wondering the same thing Bea ?? How long it takes to come to the USA?

  5. I hate to be a bother but the thread and fabric has not come yet and was wondering if they were shipped? It has been almost a month since this post? Just making sure it did not get lost out there somewhere lol

  6. Shruti,I am in Chennai but haven't received the thread and fabric.just concerned.I hope its not lost in transit.thanks a ton

  7. Shruti,I am in Chennai but haven't received the thread and fabric.just concerned.I hope its not lost in transit.thanks a ton

  8. I'm very disapointed to say I not yet received my prize , 5 weeks + later...

  9. Thanks Shruti! Just received my parcel..the colour of .The fabric and the thread are beautiful!

  10. I'm am very disappointed to say by October 6th still have not received my prize, Almost 8 weeks or more!

  11. WOW!!!! What a BIG surprise October 13 in the mailbox was my beautiful thread and fabric . Thank you!

  12. I received the thread and fabric, and did a little happy dance. Thank you so much for shipping me the "happy mail" and hosting this event!

  13. Finally received my prize, fabric 2 weeks ago and thread today, thank you so much.


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