Wednesday, October 14, 2015

When a quilter sees a monster...

Kids see monsters all the time. i'm sure many moms like me have, more often than not, put a label "Monster Spray" over a spray bottle filled with a room freshener.

But what happens when the quilter mom sees a monster?

She makes it into a quilt, of course!!!

I was playing with some fabric dyes yesterday. While ironing out the fabrics, I saw a shape of a monster in it!!!

My mind started whirring with ideas. So much so that I totally forgot to take a picture of it!!!

I snapped this one just as I set it up on my machine to make the "Monster in my Dye" quilt!

If you turn your head to the left, you can see the monster's face!

I took him and made it into a quilt! I'm sure my son will love it when he sees it!!!

I added a small piping before I added the binding! I love the effect of it!

Here's a detail shot of the face... The quilting turned out awesome!

Quilt stats :

Name : "Monster in my Dye"

Size : 14" x 16.5"

Material Used
Fabric : Hand dyed cotton poplin - local market buy
Thread : Aurifil 50 wt in different colours - Blues, Green, Red and White!

Technique : Whole Cloth quilt!

Experience : Scary !!! LOL! Lot of spontaneous fun!!!

Do you like my monster?


  1. I would never have imagined this...awesome!

  2. Looks a friendly monster though. How do you deal with the ends of the threads while starting and ending. With this kind of fmq burying threads will be cumbersome right?

  3. This is wonderfully inventive. I'm sure your son will love it! Mine would for certain. The red eyes with the white just bring it to life - well let's hope not completely!!

  4. Oh my! How imaginative you are! I bet you're good at ink blots! LOL! This is totally awesome! From start to finish it's wonderful!


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