Tuesday, January 5, 2016

52 prompts to blog every week : Week 1

Remember this post from 2014?

Yup! I had this brilliant idea of writing blogging prompts that were quilting related for the 52 weeks of the year!!! The idea never materialized. Things got busy and my blog was a secondary thing on my list!

But this year, 2016, I have decided to do those 52 blog posts!

This is Week 1

This week's topic is Quilting Resolutions for the new year

I have earlier elaborated my idea about my resolutions in this post, but they are more generalized. I needed to find a structured plan. Thats what I'm doing here!

The First Quarter - JAN-FEB-MAR

In this quarter, I will try and wind up all my WIPs from last year. I will also be updating my etsy shop with all the unsold quilts. I will also start making a list of various shows to enter my quilts into, make quilts for them and start entering them - entering even my old quilts. Especially "My heart's delight" and some of my abstract portraits! The quarter will also include an event on the blog! Something that will involve a lot of organization and a lot of fabric fun!

The Second Quarter - APR-MAY-JUN

In the second quarter, I will be starting a page to list tutorials by categories. The tutorials could be mine or can be submitted by other bloggers. They will involve around modern and art quilts and will not include small objects, since I am focusing my energies on Modern Art Quilts for 2016. In May, I will be travelling a lot. So the blog will be on a kind of secondary track for this month. But I will continue sharing my experiences!

The Third Quarter - JUL-AUG-SEP

In the third quarter, I am planning another MAJOR event with fabrics! And this time it will be crazier, I promise! Around July, I will be releasing my first line of patterns! I'm still working on them right now and I'm aiming high! So if all goes well you will see the release of at least 6 patterns by me in July! There will be launch parties here on the blog for each of them individually!

The Fourth Quarter - OCT-NOV-DEC

In the fourth quarter, I will be working on theme based quilts. I will take up a theme and make a series of quilts on that theme! I will also be sharing my process here so that you can help me with the suggestions for the same!!!

So thats my plan for 2016! Whats yours? Do share your plans, either on your blogs or in comments here! If you do write a post, dont forget to join the linky at the end of this page!

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