Tuesday, February 23, 2016

52 prompts to blog every week : Week 8

Once again its time to blog with the 52 prompts!!!

For the full list in PDF , just click here

Today's topic is "My favorite Quilt"

Oh! Its so difficult to pick a favorite quilt...all of them are so dear to me and each one has taught me so much over the years including, the one that started out as something and ended up as completely something different - The Dr Suess Quilt for Aadi!!!

-the paintbox quilt that went all wonky

The portrait quilt of Dada Ajoba that I made for my husband and his family

The iQuilt I made for my (not-so) little brother

The Apsara quilt

Each one has taught me patience and that there such a long way to success.

An absolute favourite right now is the "My heart's desire quilt, a portrait of Aadi, my son. As the quilt comes back from its show at the Dubai Quilt festival, I look forward to its return and fondly remember the feelings when my little one was born could fit in my arms! Now my arms have to go around him to hug him :) How fast he grows!!

Which is your favorite quilt? And why?

Do leave a comment and let me know!!!


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