Saturday, February 20, 2016

Crack in the wall!!!

Sometimes inspiration strikes in really odd places and it takes your mind on a ride! You travel through time, space and fantasy and reach a destination that you could never have imagined!

I went on one such ride today! It all started here -

A crack in the wall!!!

Though I tend to forget it, I AM an architect. Today as I sat in my studio thinking what do I make, I saw a crack in the wall. A small, superficial one.

When I worked as an architect, I was lucky enough to have a mentor who taught me the importance of details. He wasn't an architect himself, but a structural designer. He taught me that insufficient reinforcement might not actually cause a structure to collapse, but cause minor crack in the plaster. They are in no way harmful, but little by little they cause enough damage to the beauty of the structure. And then, even though it might be the safest structure in the world, but the inhabitants are never happy and satisfied.

That made me think about relationships.

We need so many things to have wonderful, happy and satisfying relationships - and not just with out partners! I'm talking about all relationships - spouses, children, parents, friends, extended family... anyone...

Having a strong foundation is surely a boon, but we also need proper reinforcement! And we need to keep checking it from time to time and top it up as and when required.

It all starts with a small, tiny hair-line crack! You cannot even see it. But as you start adding more force, the crack starts to widen. Thats when you notice it.

A crack tells you that you need to look into the reinforcement that is holding your relationship together. You need to take stock and make modifications to repair the crack. If you keep on ignoring it, your relationship is sure to fall apart!

Does patching up assure that there wont be any cracks? Does a crack mean the relationship is beyond repair? Does it mean that there will be more cracks? Does it mean 'an end'?

I am still looking for answers!  But I do know one thing, cracks are not THE damage- they are SYMPTOMS of the damage! They are there so that you know that there is a problem and you need to look into it.

The past few weeks have been very stressful for me, personally. While I made the quilt, I thought about the cracks that I need to patch up and those that are beyond repair! How can I be sure that they are beyond repair? If I give up now, will there be a time when I will feel "I should have tried just one more time?"

This quilt provided me with some answers, and some more questions! It got me thinking and moved me to such an extent that I actually cried when it was complete. I spent just one day making this, every line that I quilted sent me thinking in a new direction!

I am hoping, it leads me onto a journey where I find peace in my mind!

Here's my quilt - "Crack in the Wall"

Quilt Stats
Name : Crack in the Wall
Size : 26" x 21"
Material used : Stonhenge (I have had it in my stash for a  very long time, so cannot remember which one it was) in a light colour and black. Aurifil thread in black and grey.
Technique used : Reverse applique.
Experience : Introspective!!!!


  1. I love this. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. It's making me think.

  2. What a great quilt. It's beautiful.

  3. This is an interesting piece and has so many meanings. I do hope that you find that your cracks are easy to reinforce and were just minor issues.

  4. That's really deep,your thoughts on relationships. The Best time to mend is when the first tiny crack appears....gets more difficult as the gap widens. Wishing you love and peace.

  5. That's really deep,your thoughts on relationships. The Best time to mend is when the first tiny crack appears....gets more difficult as the gap widens. Wishing you love and peace.


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