Wednesday, March 30, 2016

52 prompts to blog every week : Week 13

Today we are talking about making a quilt for someone you love!!!

You can download the full list here and start writing your own blog posts too!!!

I have made a lot of quilts for a lot of people whom I really love, but one of them stands out more than any other. 

The portrait of Dada Ajoba that I made for my husband and his family.

Rohit comes from the Dandekar family. He is the fourth generation businessman from the family. Dada Ajoba or Krushnaji Dandekar was the person who started the family business. We celebrated the  centenary of the shop that stands proud and tall on the main business street of Sangli.

I wanted to gift something to Rohit & his family on that ocassion. I decided to make a portrait of Dada Ajoba.

It was not an easy task. I had only one photo to follow - It was a 4" x 6" photo in black and white. I just enlarge - photocopied it and worked from there. I used over 30 shades of grey in not just cotton, but absolutely ANY fabric that I could lay my hand on!

The quilt ended up having 3500+ pieces!!! 

It was a quilt that changed my life. I had never felt so confident about myself and my work before. My family had never taken me seriously. They thought quilting was just a hobby and after Aadi grew up, I would go back to my job as an architect. Why them, even I thought so! But after making that quilt, I have never given 'going back' a thought!

It was a quilt that made me a more serious quilter! 

I'm so glad that I made it. Not just for myself. I was able to say thank you to my in-laws. They have been my biggest cheer leaders along this road!

This quilt gave me immensely. Satisfaction, confidence, gratitude, pride, honour... to name a few things!

Here's the original photo that I used.

And here's the finished quilt!!!

You can read my original post about making the quilt here, here and here.

Have you made a quilt for someone you loved? Do share it!!!

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