Wednesday, March 2, 2016

52 prompts to blog every week : Week 9

In the 52 prompts series, we will be talking about Quilt shows today!!!
Tell us about a quilt show that you have attended!!!

For me, the last (and only) quilt show I attended was QuiltCon 2015. It needed a lot of planning (which actually began in 2013!). I had to save up a LOT of money.

But it was a trip that was the most memorable one in my life. It was my first solo trip abroad, it was my first trip to America, it was my first quilt show, It was the first time my quilt was in a show!!!

It was totally worth it!!!

My husband came with me to Mumbai to see me off. We celebrated our 10 year anniversary (that I was going to miss because of my trip) over the weekend before I flew off!

After entering the glass doors of the Chatrapati Shivaji International Airport - Terminal 2 I was totally on my own! I was nervous, scared, excited, happy, sad, worried, anxious, curious - everything all at once!

After travelling for 33 hours (I started at 3.00 am on 17th Feb - IST from Mumbai and landed at 3.30 am on 18th Feb - EST at Austin!!!) changing 4 airplanes - Mumbai - Kuwait - London - New York - Austin - I was at last at my destination!!! I actually was the person who had traveled the farthest to reach Quiltcon!!!

I wrote posts about my room mates at QuiltCon and about volunteering as soon as I came back. Please read them there so I do not repeat myself.

Today I will talk about all the awesome people I met there! I wish I had not packed my schedule so tight! I could have spent more time talking to people. I'm not signing up for ANY classes at QuiltCon17 and doing a lot more Volunteering!!!

Here are some of the people I met (and remembered to click photos with)

My modern quilting idol - Jacquie Gering! I love this lady!!! I want to be her when I grow up!

Kimberly Jolly (Fat Quarter Shop)! After years of to and fro communication I met the lady who has supported me all these years in person.

Alex Veronelli (Aurifil)! This was an awesome moment! Giving him the quilt I made of him, in person!

Of course, Emily Lang!!! How can I forget her!!! My Best Friend across the oceans!!!

Jay Dodds, my fellow art quilter from the Art Quilts Around the World group! I was chewing gum and I do not have a single decent picture of me with her. Note to self : next time remember NOT to chew gum when taking photos

Yoshiko Jingenzi!!! Amazing woman! She was a complete enigma! I am totally in love with her work.


Carolyn Friedlander - I love her work so much!!! Her lecture was amazing too!

Bill Kerr!!! He is such a sweet and wonderful person!!!

Michelle Fedor, a fellow admin from the Modern Quilting FB Group!!!

Angela Walters - my FMQ God!!!

Victoria Findlay Wolfe

Junior Mr Ueltschi from Bernina USA

Nancy Ziemen


Lotta Jansdotter

Alyssa Haight Carlton - another amazing MQG lady that I adore!!!

Sherri Lynn Woods!!! She was a complete surprise! I signed up for her workshop with not a lot of excitement, but I left it with so much inspiration!!!

Andrew Joslyn!!!

Denise Schmidt

And of course Luke Haynes!!!

Another note to self : Next time give the camera to someone who is not as excited as you are!!! That will help with no more blurry photos!

Here are all my memories on my studio wall. This is right next to my sewing machine and I love to look at this wall and be inspired by all my memories!!!

I've already started planning to go to Savannah for QuiltCon 2017!!! Will you be there?

Which is the most memorable quilt show you have attended? How was your experience? Do leave a comment and let me know!



  1. yes, I am going to Savanah - I too was in Austin and a super volunteer - don't know if I will be so again but will see.

  2. Wow! Love your quilts and your lovely blog. Looks like you had lots of fun at quiltcon. I came across to your blog through Sew Mama Sew. Great Samosa pouch tutorial. Gonna try it.

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