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52 prompts to blog every week : Week 14

Yay! Its week 14 and we are still going strong!!!

Isn't that awesome?

Today we are talking about sharing tutorials. You can download the entire list in PDF format here.

I am going to share an old tutorial here today. I wrote it on the Sew Mama Sew blog a while back. Its for my favorite Samosa Pouches. They make a wonderful and quick gift!!!

I have loved these three-dimensional pouches ever since I came across them on the internet. But the tutorials that I found did not make me very happy.
I tried and tested and worked it out till I was happy with it. So here is my version of the three-dimensional wristlet that I call the Samosa Pouch, because it does look like one. Once you get the hang of it you can finish one in about one hour (including the quilting!). These are great for making as quick gifts! You can make them with or without the quilting. It will take you about 15 minutes to make one without the quilting, so ahead and make some for Valentine’s Day… Email me pictures of the ones that you make and I’ll be happy to put them on my blog.
You’ll Need:
Fabric: Some scraps in colors that you desire; I chose to use saffron, white and green, the colors of the Indian Tricolor Flag!
2 pieces 6.5” x 6.5” for lining
2 pieces 2” x 4” for zipper ends
Batting: 2 pieces 7.5” squares
Bias Tape/Ribbon: 15” for the loop
Zipper: With length more than 7” (I used the one I had on hand; its 16” long!)
Thread for quilting: I used Aurifil #2150, #2000 2FF and #2870 in 28 wt for the quilting and #2021 in 50 wt for piecing.
1. The first step will be to put together a quilt block of 6.5” square size. You could make blocks and quilt them or, like me, you could use your scraps to quilt-as-you-go the blocks and then trim them down to 6.5” square. I used scraps in saffron/orange for one side and green for the other.

You can even skip this step altogether and just use a single piece of fabric (if you want it to be lighter).
2. Press the 2” sides of the zipper end piece down by ¼” as shown in the photo.
3. Now pin one piece to one end of the zipper and sew it down.
4. Trim the zipper at 5 ½” from this end and attach the other zipper end piece in the same manner.
5. Trim down the zipper ends along the width of the zipper.
6. Now lay your 6.5” block (or outer fabric) RIGHT SIDE UP. Lay the zipper on top of it, RIGHT SIDE DOWN. Follow with the lining piece RIGHT SIDE DOWN. If you are using a directional print, make sure you align the top of the print to the zipper end.
Pin it together as shown.
And using the zipper foot on your machine, sew it.
Open the fabric to bring the wrong sides of the outer block and lining fabric together and top stitch near the zipper.
7. Use the same method to attach the other side.
8. If you’re using a bias tape to make the loop, now is the time to stitch along the 15” side to make a loop for our wristlet.
9. OPEN THE ZIPPER (You will thank me for this later).
10. Now bring both the outer blocks RIGHT SIDE TOGETHER, and sew along the edge opposite to the zipper. Back stitch at every end.
11. Bring both the lining pieces together in the same manner and sew the bottom edge leaving a 2.5” opening in the middle.
The easy part it over. Now be very careful when you follow the next set of instructions, it is very easy to get mixed up.
12. Fold the outer and lining pieces such that the zipper and the bottom seams align.
13. MAKE SURE THAT THE ZIPPER IS OPEN and sew down the edge of the side on which the zipper opens. Sew over the zipper carefully.
14. Now pinch your lining pieces RIGHT SIDES TOGETHER as shown and pin them.
15. Starting at the bottom end, sew the edge down going as near to the zipper as you can.
16. Now hold the outer blocks in the same way. Insert the loop BETWEEN THE TWO PIECES about 1.5” from the zipper.
17. Pin the layers together and sew down, once again, going as close to the zipper as you can.
18. Now turn the pouch right side out through the 2.5” opening we left at the bottom of the lining piece. Now is the time when you thank me for reminding you to open the zipper!
19. Top stitch/hand stitch the opening close.
And your Samosa pouch is ready!

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    I think you will like this tutorial. This makes it a super fast sew


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