Wednesday, April 13, 2016

52 prompts to blog every week : Week 15

Aha ! my favourite this week, the favourite  FMQ design...

And a favourite from my favourite thing would be a difficult choice to make. However, I would like to go with paisleys! Its my go to design and is often repeated on a lot of my quilts!

The design is a little difficult to begin with but with practice I have become one of the most loved paisley quilters in India. I might as well say, that my friend and family dare not disturb me when I am with Ross trying to do some paisleys! I am, at that point , in my studio

Ross is my Bernina 770 if you didn't know yet ...ha ha ha

It first debuted in the portrait quilt of Dada Ajoba

It made a comeback in the Apsara Quilt

And then peeped in a little in the Nukkad quilt

My favorite Tutorial for the Paisley (or most of my favorite designs) is by Leah Day. Hop over to her website for an in-depth tutorial.

I attended Angela Walters talk at Quiltcon 2015 and it was just like I found a new me. I loved it so much...I started falling in love with FMQ all over again :)

I love teaching FMQ to new quilters in India as well. I have done that in my improv piecing workshop last Pune last April and at many other workshops. I love how new quilters, stumble, fear, then overcome the fear and fly! Much like I have done in the past.

You can download the entire list of my blog prompts in PDF format here.

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