Wednesday, April 20, 2016

52 prompts to blog every week: Week 16

Yes yes! 4 months done of the year !

Did one third of the year just fly me by...

Today we are talking about Photography. You can download the entire list in PDF format here.

I just have a very simple tip. What looks good to the eye, looks good to the camera's eye. Always click your snaps in day light, preferably in the morning and  away from direct sunlight, else the glare of the sun creeps in into the photos and they all seem to glow!

Let me show you some examples here. This quilt is clicked in diffused daylight, during the day and away from the sun...the colours look real and bright and natural.

Now lets look at an example of how a lovely bright quilt can loose its sheen if the photograph is not
right. The bright yellow looks pale due to inadequate lighting.

Here is an example of quilt clicked in the afternoon sun. The  warm afternoon mellow sunlight warm sup teh warm colours even further. teh quilt looks etherial...
So a glow is not always bad!
Go with the flow!

Do not be afraid to click multiple snaps from various angles. In the digital world, retain whatever looks good and discard the rest.

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