Wednesday, April 27, 2016

I'm speaking at QuiltCon!!!

I have some news! And the most exciting news of all!!!

I will be speaking at QuiltCon 2017!!!

I'm speaking at QuiltCon 2017 photo speaking_at_quiltcon_2017_zpsh00b4pz9.png

I'm over the moon about my lecture!

And I simply love my topic : "Quilting in India : A review of Siddi Quilts, Godharis and Contemporary Quilt Making"

For the past few weeks, I have been keeping my eyes and ears open and looking out for some excellent examples of quilts to bring to you.

Right now I am focusing on Godharis of Maharashtra.

The regional differences in the method of construction vary so much! It is really a whole new exciting world!

I had always wanted to study the beautiful art pieces that come out of these humble settlements.

The people who live in these temporary accommodations are the "Nandi-baili" people. they are a nomadic tribe. they have a bull that they decorate and take it around town, people then ask them about astrology - basically they predict people's futures. They come back home with whatever donations people give them. That is their source of income.

The womenfolk make quilts from old clothes, their own or sometimes they buy clothes from the old clothes market.

Here are some of the quilts that I saw. The work was absolutely mind blowing!!!

They have used every material available right from Georgette, chiffon, Silk to Cotton and Linen.

Here is a quilt that is work in progress.

This wonderful quilter even demonstrated her style to us.

The designs were spectacular!

The workmanship was impeccable.

There was so much to learn from these women. They have limited means and they create absolute master pieces.

Now next time when my Rotary cutter blade dulls a little and I find myself cursing, I will think about these women who do not even use scissors! They use a razor blade to snip and then tear the fabric!!!

Are you ready to see more and hear more???

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