Sunday, April 24, 2016

Upcoming workshops at Chennai

I'm travelling to Chennai next week to visit Tina's 'The Square Inch


Tina was the first woman to start a Bernina Creative Center in India. And she has one of the most fabulous places that has buzzing with activity that I have seen. I'm so looking forward to my trip to Chennai early next month.

Here is what I will be teaching.

First up - Abstract Expressions
A 2 day, beginner friendly workshop that helps students create an abstract portrait. 

Arizona - 40" x 40"

This is a completely beginner friendly class. You DO NOT need to have any background in Art! You also need not be an expert quilter to learn this. You only need to know how to stitch a straight line!!!

This workshop is divided into four quarters. In the first quarter, we will be talking about basics of Expressionism and Fauvism. We will also discuss the basics of portraiture and the effects of light on the faces. We will then spend some time getting acquainted with the process of portraits by the Canadian artist, Martina Shapiro. Playing with acrylic paints comes next before lunch time!

By the end of the first quarter you will have made your abstract portrait in paint.

In the second quarter, we will begin working with fabric. And by the end of the first day, we will be done creating the outline of the face you will make into a quilt.

the next day, you will start working on the colours of the face. This is the most interesting process, as you think about colours and the way they blend.

At the end of 2 days, you will leave with a completed portrait. Each quilt is unique and I find that more often than not, you can find a glimpse of the maker in their quilt!

This workshop will be on the 6th & 7th May. You will have to bring along a bag full of colourful scraps to use and share. How big bag you ask, An A4 size ziploc bag will do. Cram in as many colours as you can. Even tiny crumbs will be used. So do not be shy. You can use any material - silk, georgette, cotton, linen etc.

The next workshop is ABOUT face, my reverse appliqué portrait class.

This class requires you to be a little acquainted with the process of Free Motion Quilting.
Also, this is a extensive class. It will require a lot more time and effort.

Normally, I take an image that all the participants work on. But for the Chennai workshop I'm experimenting with a new approach.

We will actually be clicking the participants photo at The Square Inch and using that photo to make the quilt.

The first quarter will be about taking photographs, editing and printing them. After that at the end of the first quarter we will finish copying the image onto the base fabric.

In the second quarter, we will be stitching the design and we will start cutting away unwanted fabric, revealing the design underneath.

By the end of the third quarter, your design will all be cut out.

In the last quarter, you will learn how to quilt the face so that you enhance your work even further.

This workshop is based on the reverse appliqué technique that I have developed for making portrait quilts. every participant receives one e-copy of my eBook ABOUT face.

This technique is, I believe, the fastest and the easiest way to make portrait quilts. It is easy to understand and once you have 'got' it, it goes by super quick!

How quick, you want to know - It took me 3 months of working 3-4 hours of work everyday (it amounts to about 270 hours). But the iQuilt took me just 7 days with 1-2 hours of work everyday (about 10-14 hours) and the Alex Veronelli quilt took me 3 weeks with 5-6 hours every WEEK (15-18 hours).

At the end of the workshop, you will leave with a finished portrait quilt of about 24" x 30" in 2-3 colours.

I guarantee that you will finish the quilt if you make it in 2 colours. But if your quilt has to be made in 3 colours, you might have to go home with just the quilt top (finished) and you can continue doing the FMQ at home.

The ABOUT face workshop is on 8th & 9th of May at The Square Inch.
You will have to bring along just a pencil! All the material will be provided by us.

If you are in Chennai on those days, do not miss the workshops. Don't be shy to ask me any questions you need to ask, I'd love to clear any doubts. Just drop me a line on my email for any questions.

Hoping to see you there!!!



  1. I would love to take both of these workshops, but I live in the wrong country! Both projects are so intriguing.

  2. I am tempted to rob a bank and fly over there to take both!

  3. I would take these classes in a heartbeat. I have always admired your portrait quilts, and both of these are fascinating.

  4. I am in the same boat as the previous ladies, gosh Id love to do this and Im definetly not a class group kind of gal, but for this Id risk it :)

  5. Iam very lucky, I live in Chennai and have enrolled for the portrait quilt workshop!
    Looking forward to meet you Shruti on 8th May!


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