Sunday, April 10, 2016

#viewPOINT : FREE pattern download

Sometimes quilts are inspired by some very painful memories.

Today's finish is one such quilt.

But this one is, literally, inspired by a painful (ouch!) memory.

My Dad is a firm believer in alternate therapies. So when someone told him that standing on a pointy magnetic acupressure mat everyday will help ease a lot of aging health problems, he got one right away. He started standing on it everyday, first for a couple of seconds gradually building it up and now he can stand on it for almost 20 minutes! He is crazy, you can say that. That thing is just so pointy. And putting one's whole weight on it, is a totally crazy idea.

See those pointy pyramids? They feel like nails! I cannot bear to put my feet on it even when I'm sitting in a chair! Forget about standing on it!

So this 'painful' memory inspired the design for this quilt!

I did the drawing in AutoCAD, and then paper pieced the 81 blocks!

Here's how it all started on AutoCAD

It did not take a very long time to paper piece the blocks!

The quilt top came together really fast. I quilted it using my walking foot on Bernina 710. I refereed a lot to the notes I took when I listened to Jacquie Gering's Craftsy class. Seriously, I could not have done it without that!

Here's the finished quilt.

#viewPOINT in all its glory!!!

I just decided to see if the 3D illusion things works from anywhere and was surprised to see it does! Its like that eye that looks at you when you move the picture!!!

Here's how I quilted it. I did not want to 'take away' or 'add' anything to the quilt. I wanted the design to be the hero of the quilt! So I went with simple quilting - straight lines converging at the 'points' from the sides of each pyramid. I was super glad that my hand-dyed fabrics matched my Aurifil threads EXACTLY!

I decided not to bind the quilt and instead face it, giving it that un-bound look!

Quilt Stats

Name : #viewPOINT

Size : 36" x 36"

Technique : Paper Piecing

Material : Fabric - Hand dyed greys, Moda Bella Solids - White & Black. Linen from stash for backing.
Aurifil 50 wt in White, 1158, 2610 and Black on top and 50 wt White in bobbin.
Bernina Walking Foot with Ross, the Bernina 710

Experience : This quilt taught me patience! I loved making it. I just made about 20 paper pieced squares at a time. And even when I quilted I did only 4 rows of one color (36 triangles) at a time.

Do you want to make one of your own?

Download the FREE pattern here.

Do share the photo if you make on of your own! I'd love to flaunt it off.


  1. Oh hey, that is a fabulous design! Well done! And what an unexpected place to find inspiration. Goes to show that some of us see the world through quilted lenses!

  2. This is a great quilt! I love that you use AutoCad to draft the pattern- you are the only other person I have encountered that uses this program for quilt design. The optical illusion in this project is fantastic!

  3. Holy only. I've been looking for a spectacular but not too fussy pattern to make from old denim. I think you just hit the jackpot here. I can divide all the jeans into groups by value and just go from there.

  4. Had the opportunity to see this quilt in person. OMG! what a beauty cannot do justice to this. Absolutely awesome work Shruti.


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