Wednesday, May 11, 2016

52 prompts to blog every week: Week 19

Its the 52 prompts series, this moth we are talking about taking trips and vacations and today we're going to talk about trip essentials!

 Here's a link to the complete 52 prompts that you can download.

What are the things that you absolutely NEVER go on a trip without???

Clothes, of course! But do you know, my little brother and litteler sister-in-law actually went on a trip without those? How did they do that? Let me tell ya!

They were going to spend a long weekend at a beach. The bags were packed the night before and ready. The next morning both of them got into the car thinking the other person must have got the bags into the car! They only realized their mistake when they reached the quaint little village on the beach and started to unload the boot of the car (which was empty!) They had to buy EVERYTHING to wear!!!

So yes, I do not forget my clothes. Toothbrush is another story! I think I have one toothbrush from every place I have gone to!

The ONLY thing I dont go ANYWHERE without is my phone! It is like an extension of my arm! And I need to have it on me ALL THE TIME! Apart from that there are a few things I need to carry with me.

1. The first thing I pack is my notebook and tonnes of pens. I have a lot of pens. In almost every colour that they are made. I need to carry at least 5 different colours when I travel. Also a cute little diary!

2. I do not travel without my sunglasses. I need them all the time!

3. I also do not forget to carry lots of plastic bags! We make a lot of mess in the car, and carrying these bags lets us confine all the mess so that we can clean the car easily.

4. Irrespective of the destination I always pack - my moisturizer and sun screen! My skin gets tanned easily and I do not like it. It is a very thin line between tanning and burning and I'm always scared my skin is going to cross it. I still remember that after spending a day in Water Kingdom at Mumbai, all three of us were about 7-8 shades darker on the areas that were not covered by the swim suits!

5. I also use my lovely new purse organizer to hold all my stuff. I carry multiple handbags (I actually did not have a store-bought purse till recently.) So I just have to transfer my purse organizer into the new bag I decide to carry and I'm done! I have this orange one that I bought before my USA trip last year and I love it!

Those are my trip essentials!!!

What is it that you do not leave without?

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