Wednesday, May 18, 2016

52 prompts to blog every week: Week 20

Continuing with our travel theme in our 52 prompts series, we will be talking about carrying your quilty stuff with you while travelling today!

Download the complete PDF list here.

So do you carry your quilting with you when you travel?

I do two types of trips during the year - Family & Quilting. Normally I do not mix the two! Except when we went on a road trip Sangli-Pune-Mumbai-Alibag-Mahabaleshwar-Sangli and picked up my Bernina 710 while in Mumbai!

Or maybe when I visited Classic Quilts and Quilting when we holidayed in Dubai!

But overall, I do not mix the two.

So when I travel with family, I rarely carry any quilty stuff. Maybe a book that is a recent purchase, a couple of Podcasts on my iPhone and my notebook and sketch pens!

But I go allout when I travel to quilt!

I use my Maruti Suzuki A Star - a small hatch back car. I think I would be a very good example of the car's capacity! I manage to pack it so full that the passengers only have the minimum space they require to sit!

My sewing machines travel on the back seat - seatbelted in! Dont worry, I put a lot of quilts around them to make them fit snugly after I clicked the snap!

The back seat is usually overflowing with quilty stuff!!!

So what do you carry on your trips? Do you take along some hand quilting to do? Or you prefer to leave it in your sewing room?

Do drop a comment and let us know!!!

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  1. We just drove 8 hours (1 way) to see our son and on trips like this I take a quilt (or two) to bind while we drive. We may stop at a quilt store but I never take my sewing machine.


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