Wednesday, June 8, 2016

52 prompts to blog every week: Week 23

In the 52 prompts series, we will be talking about our favorite neutral or solid today.

I'm not a normal block and sashing kind of quilter! So 'neutral' from me is not what neutral for a traditional quilt is.

Solids would definitely take the cake here. I claim to be a Modern Quilter and believe that one the main aspects of a Modern quilt is how you use your space and fabric. I have made several in solids and believe it to be my go to fabric when I think of a new project.

I also love using near solids in shades of grey.

Grey makes the colours of the quilt pop! And I love the effect.

Also, my studio always has a heavy load of solids in various colours. That saves me time when I think of a new project.  All put together, its solids all the way.

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