Wednesday, June 15, 2016

52 prompts to blog every week: Week 24

Continuing on the 'fabric express' in the 52 prompts series, we will be talking about the favorite backing today!!!

I normally do not do pieced backings. I try to find one single big fabric to back all my quilts. And there is no go-to for backing fabrics for me. I usually think about the design of the quilt and then use something that goes with the front.

The fabric in the Vroom Quilt I made for my nephew, actually does not match with the front, but kind of 'goes with it'.

The Lone star quilt is backed with a fabric that has the same 'direction' of the front! The eye travels outwards from the center of the lone star block and away from the center of the ombre polka dots.

In my Butt-On quilt, I used a bright polka dot fabric to go with the quilted buttons on the front.

What backing is your go-to for your quilts? Or do you have an idea that you keep repeating? Do you piece your quilt backs?
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  1. I go every direction, from using a "wide" quilt piece, to piecing a single fabric back, to piecing "chunks" of fabrics (usually leftovers from the front) but my favorite backs are when the front is an identifiable block like a DPP, I like to make a giant block of the same design and fabrics for the back (at least 1/4 size) then fill in with matching background color - it makes a reversible quilt of sorts.

  2. When I buy fat quarter bundles online and on sale, I generally go ahead and buy one of the prints for the backing. I prefer the ease of just using one fabric. However, if I'm making a quilt out of my stash, I may piece a back from fabrics from the front. It totally depends!


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