Wednesday, June 29, 2016

52 prompts to blog every week: Week 26

And we're officially halfway there!!! Its week 26!!!

Today's topic is Fabric - Material!!!

I have used a lot of non-quilting fabric in my quilts. And I'm always amazed to see the results!

First up there was a quilt that I made from denims! It was a HUGE one and a pain to lug around.

Recently I used a lot of different kind of material when I made the Portrait quilt of Dada Ajoba. It has voile, linen and even silk in it! I was just looking for the right shade!!!

I also used silk in this quilt of mine. Its an all time favorite!!!

The best one so far and the one that makes me happiest is this quilt made for my Art quilts around the world challenge.

The theme was the Road less Travelled and I made this 3D quilt for the challenge! I think it is one of my best entries into the group so far!!!

My latest entry for the same challenge - for the Kitsch theme - also features some non quilting stuff! I have used my husband's old shirt for her shirt, an old scarf, some wool for her hair and fake eyelashes - the makeup kind!!!  This was a fun quilt to make!!!

Have you used any 'weird' material to make a quilt? Do tell, I'd love to know!

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