Sunday, December 8, 2019

5 things I cannot live without

We all have some stuff that we just need to carry with us all the time. Today, I am going to share the 5 things that I cannot live without.
I have chosen to mention 5 things that do not include my family or any of my quilting stuff. Those two are most important to me, of course.
  1. My Journal. I love my bullet journal. I have been working on it since last year. There are a thousand things I want to change, but I love it. I just need to carry it with me wherever I go. I even took it to the US and brought it back with me without opening it even once!
  2. A black pen. I am a list person. I love making lists. Completing tasks on that list is a whole other story, but I am working on it. I don’t like any other color pen than a nice black gel pen. And I’m pretty specific, I need it to be at least 0.7 mm thick! I do not like pens with thin tips. And the ink also has to be deep black.
  3. My headphones.  I love listening to music. I also love listening to podcasts. And the only time I get to make calls is when I am driving around doing my errands. So I never go anywhere without my headphones. Everyone in my family has iPhones and I have used up everyone’s headphones as none of them use theirs! I have a pair in my purse, one in my kitchen, one near my computer and one in my studio! 
  4. Sunglasses. I always carry my sunglasses with me. I totally love wearing them if it is daytime and I am outside my house. Again, I’m pretty particular about what color they need to be. I have tried other sunglasses, but I prefer classic black glares!
  5. My high heels. I do not wear them often, but I always need to have a good pair of high heel shoes in my shoe rack. Last year, I splurged on an awesome pair of nude pumps. They are my prized possession!  I cannot live without them. 
I know my list is pretty weird! Whats on your list? What are the five things that you cannot live without?

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