Saturday, December 14, 2019

Day 14 - 31 day blog writing challenge - Show us your fabric

I have had my dream sewing space, twice. And both the times I had the PERFECT fabric storage solution that I wanted.

This is from my old studio.

My fabric as first sorted by Indian and designer fabric and then further by size and then color. It was a wonderful space with lots of open shelves and I used a lot of corrugated boxes to store my fabric. I then switched to clear plastic bins.

After this came the downsizing. I moved all my fabric into plastic bins and put them under my cutting table.

This worked well for about seventeen minutes! And then I renovated my studio. Now I had a designated storage area (that was kind of hidden from the entrance) where I could store my fabric in large metal cupboards.

See those large metal cupboards behind the white shelves? Thats where all my fabric was stored.

And then, floods!

The lower 3 shelves of the cupboards were under water for 6 days. The fabric was beyond salvaging. And I had to throw most of it away. So my fabric stash has gone down by over 50%. Unfortunately, most of the fabric I lost was designer fabric that I had collected over the years. All my haul from QuiltCon 2019 was gone.

So now, the cupboards are almost empty. I have moved into my home office and have not taken all my stash upstairs. I only bring along fabric for the project that I am working on and keep it in the lower shelves of my book case.

So what do I want my fabric to look like?

This sewing room is just like my dream one. It belongs to Dawn Hansen from Olabelho. I love her space and I definitely want my stash to be like hers!!!

I want to see your fabric too. Cannot wait to hop over and see!

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