Sunday, December 15, 2019

Day 15 - 31 day blog writing challenge - Earliest sewing memory

My earliest sewing memory is not my own, but my grandmother sewing. Hers is the sewing machine I inherited and it got me started on a path that I have absolutely enjoyed every moment of.

I remember the cookie tin filled with her sewing supplies. It was kept in a metal trunk in her living room along with her valuable glass crockery. She had just a 2 room house, so the trunk was used to store anything that was valuable / fragile. The first time I saw the tin, I remember thinking cookies! But then, I opened it and was really disappointed. 

Out of everything in that tin, one thing caught the attention of about 5-6 year old me. It was a spool of thread. I clearly remember being fascinated by the way the thread was rolled on it. I unrolled a little and tried putting it back. I could not and ended up unrolling a little bit more. In the end I just gave up and rolled it as I could and kept it back hoping that she would not know I touched it. I do not know if the knew, but she never said anything. 

I really wish I had had more time with her. Especially during the years I have been quilting. But she passed away before I started to quilt. And I miss her immensely.

What is your earliest sewing memory?

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