Sunday, December 22, 2019

Day 22 - 31 day blog writing challenge - What I listen to / watch

Its day 22 of the 31 day blog writing challenge hosted by Cheryl! And I'm still going strong.
Today's prompt is about what I listen to / watch.

What I am listenign to or watching usually depends on a number of factors. When I am working on a quilt that has a lot of repetitive work, I usually watch documentaries or go back to my favorite shows. When I was working on the Shivarajyabhishek quilt, I started first by watching all 10 seasons of FRIENDS, then I watched 15 seasons of Greys Anatomy, then I watched Young Sheldon, then I stumbled upon one of the conspiracy theory documentaries about 9/11 and I just got sucked into a blackhole and saw almost all of the ones that were there on YouTube at that time. When I am working, I am usually just listening and look only if something intrigues me. I also watched a lot of episodes of the Dr Phil show. It was just so entertaining.

When I am doing my housework, I usually listen to Podcasts. I am not a music person. I prefer listening to someone speak rather than listening to music. I usually binge listen to podcast too. And I go through phases. I was in a "Grow my business" phase and  would listen to Explore your Enthusiasm or Goal Digger. Then came the "Take acre of my health" phase and I listened to Jillian Michaels or Evolve with Emily, I realized that I listen to Pat Sloan or Abby Glassenberg usually just before and after I head to the US for Quiltcon.

Right now I am on a minimizing spree. I actually made list of the minimum number of clothes I think I can survive on (it was completely unrealistic) doubled it and put them in one of the two cupboards I use. Everything else (including shoes, bags and accessories) wend into the other one. I plan to keep the second one closed and not remove  anything from it unless I specifically need that item (not "I need a white shirt", but more like "I want to wear the white long shirt I bought from M&S"). I did the same with my makeup as well. I am goign to review my system same time next year and then just ask my maids to take away ALL clothes and accessories  from my other cupboard. If I haven't used it in ONE YEAR, its not worth keeping! My special clothes like my wedding sarees are in a different cupboard. Believe me if I have 3 cupboards full of stuff, I need to downsize! So to inspire me and keep me motivated, I am listening to Spark Joy,Simplicity Parenting and Cohesive Home. I am also watching minimalism inspired shows and house tours  (they are my favorites) whenever I get time.

What are you listening to or watching right now?


  1. I listen to music, because I find that I miss a lot of what people said when I try to watch a show or listen to the news. But sometimes I do let Youtube just take me from one place to another just to see where I wind up!

  2. Youtube is like going on a long drive when you do not have a destination in mind. It is so much fun!


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