Sunday, December 8, 2019

Day 8 - 31 days blog writing challenge - Skills I wish I had

Today is day 31 of the 31 day blog writing challenge hosted by Cheryl and I just love today's prompt!

Skills I wish I had! That line itself made me take a paper and pen and make a list! I am working on some of them, but there are some that over these years I have accepted that I will always lack.

1. Time Management. I wish I was good at it. I mean really good. I had almost got the hang of it (or so I thought) but then life happened and everything spiraled out of control. I feel like I'm clutching at straws right now. But I am working on it, one thing at a time. So right now, I'm only focusing on getting up at 4 am (I had slipped to 5.30 and then sleeping again after Aadi left at about 7).

2. Cooking. I have said it multiple times here on my blog that I really wished I had cooking skills. Sure, I am good at making some things - I can make a wonderful Caramel Custard, a BBQ Chicken, a trifle pudding, or even the traditional Puran Poli. But I do lack in what I call the everyday cooking category! I wish I was more skilled there.

3. Patience. I know a lot of you will say, I made the HUGE quilt with 20000 pieces, I must have some patience, but honestly, I know I don't. Ask Aadi. He will point it right out.

There are so many more, but these 3 take priority over anything and everything else. What are the skills you wished you had?

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