Its Day 9 of the challenge and I'm still going strong.

So what is my favorite tip?

I had this bad habit of not being able to accept a compliment about my quilting. When people told me my work was good, instead of accepting it, I would start talking to them and pointing out my mistakes. Sometimes, they were actually totally oblivious to those.

A few years back I exhibited my work at a local gallery. And while I was preparing for the exhibition one of my friend pointed out this habit to me the night before the exhibition and told me that I have to learn to accept a compliment. She even took time to walk with me through the 88 quilts that I had displayed there and complimented me on every single one of them while I suppressed my urge to 'show off' the 8888 mistakes I had made in them.

So far, I have found that to be the most liberating tip I have ever received from anyone! And kudos to my wonderful friend for telling me that. You know who you are and also that I love you!

What is your favorite tip for me?