Sunday, December 8, 2019

Why I get up at 4 am?

I have mentioned this frequently on my blog, my day starts very early. I get up and out of my bed at 4 am. My family starts waking up around 6.30. So what makes me get up at an hour when every one around me is snuggling in their warm beds?
I wasn’t always a morning person. If you had known me in college you would have known how I could pull all-nighters. I once worked all night, every night for 3 consecutive nights catching up on sleep with short naps spaced out throughout the days. I was low on energy, but I survived!
When I was working as an Architect, I had a part of my family home’s dining room converted into small office for me. The only computer we owned was in that room. We did not have laptops at that time. My brother, who was an engineering student and ‘needed’ a computer, and I had to share the PC. He was a night owl and so I got into the habit of getting up early to complete my work.
Also, during those years, my grandfather used to visit us frequently. He had the habit of getting up very early (4 am). And we all felt that one of us should also get up early to make him his cup of morning tea while he was there. I volunteered to do that since I was waking up at 5.30 anyway. And whenever he came over, we both spent some wonderful time chatting in the early morning darkness with a steaming cup of tea in our hands! We shared a very strong bond. These early morning chats were always inspiring and energizing. Even today, when I’m sitting in my semi-dark house in the morning, I feel like he is there with me, his cup of tea in his hand, smiling at me!
After marriage, I stopped getting up so early. But I still got up an hour before my husband did. We lived with my in-laws, like all traditional Indian families do. We live together even today, but we have separate kitchens now. My Mother-in-law left for work early morning after chatting over our morning cuppa. I loved those moments of solitude that the morning hours gave me after she left for work till my Father-in-law and my husband woke up. When I was pregnant, things changed. I was sleeping all the time. And it just threw my schedule into the air!
After Aadi was born, it was a whole new story. I had a lot of help to raise him and so I became very lazy! I actually had 2 women taking care of him from 10 in the morning to 7 in the evening. Plus I had maids to clean and cook! There was absolutely nothing for me to do! 
When I took my sabbatical, things changed pretty fast and became overwhelming. I felt like I was loosing control over my life. We had recently moved into our own home (actually moved our kitchen upstairs). And I could not balance work and home. I had to stop working to try and get some control over my life! But it still was a slow process. I have realized that I am a much stubborn person than I say I am. I do not change easily. So when it all started getting out of hand, I decided I wanted some sort of sanity and the only thing I remembered was my long chats with my grandfather in the morning. So I started getting up early – around 6 – so that I could get a grip over my life.
Over the years, I moved my waking time to 4 am, gradually. I have been getting up at this time for over an year now. I spend the first hour finishing the essential chores around the house. And then spend the next 90 minutes on my blog or email. I use this time to get most of my work done.

This is the only distraction-free time I get. This is ‘my’ time! It takes me back to the time when I, the youngest architect in my town, was handling 8 different projects with no staff and still was on top of everything!
This is the time I get to reflect on my thoughts, with a cup of tea in my hand, looking out of the kitchen window watching the sun rise.
This is the time I like to get the house ready for the adventures that the day is going to bring.
I know that the pillow I straightened on the sofa is going to be thrown around as people get comfortable in the evening. The rug in the living area will be shoved aside when it become’s Aadi’s playground. The cups and glasses I am keeping away into cabinets are going to find their way into places all over the house as people quench their thirst. 
But I still do it, most of the days. I like to start each day as a new one. And getting the stage ready for all the action just gives me so much satisfaction!
What time do you get up everyday? Is there a story behind it? I would love to hear it!

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  1. This was a very pleasant read. I get why this me time is so important, the headstart for the day is invaluable. Thank you for sharing a piece of your mind!


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