Tuesday, January 21, 2020

BERNINA needle punch tool - product review and tutorial

I have been a Bernina Brand Ambassador since 2014. One of my first purchases was a needle punch tool that I used to make a lovely quilt using some soft Merino Wool fibres I had purchased from the Bernina Creative Center. Today I am going to show you how you can use the BERNINA Needle Punch Tool.
First a little about the product. 
1. Different tool for different hook types. The hook type of your machine determines which tool you will be using. The mechanism of the machine varies depending on the hook type. My 330 has a CB hook while my 710 has a Rotary hook. I have the CB hook tool which does not work on the 710. So make sure that you tell your dealer the model number of your machine before buying it.
2. The needles are sharp. The needles that accompany the tool are not just sharp, but also have serrated edges. So handle them carefully.
3. The needles are delicate. The needles are very delicate and can bend even with the slightest pressure. A bent needle usually breaks in the process. So be careful when handling it and even while using it.
4. You have to work VERY slowly. The needle punch tool is not meant for sprint sessions. You have to work very slowly to make it work without breaking. Be careful while moving the fabric and the edges of the needle might get caught in it and bend/break.
All said, I love this tool for the innumerable opportunities it opens up for me. I can not only use it to felt wool, but also to  create a textured surface by punching roving (fibers that have been carded and combed, but not spun), yarn, or fabrics into a base or background fabric. 
Today I will show you how to make this cute little mini quilt using some merino wool.

Material Required :
Felt – Assorted Fibers
Cotton batting (used as base to felt fibers) you can also use a Felt Sheet instead.
Thread (for quilting)
Backing and binding fabric
Bernina Needle Punch Tool – Check the compatibility with your machine and buy accordingly
Bernina Free Motion Quilting Foot (Number 29/29C) (for Quilting)
Instructions :

1. Gather all your Felt Fibers.

2. Cut them up into strips slightly longer than your batting(or felt sheet) piece. Start laying them on the piece of batting (or a felt sheet) in one direction. Continue till you cover most of the surface.

3. Now cut strips slightly larger than the width of the piece. Start ‘weaving’ your felt fibers into the strips you laid out before. Continue till you are completely satisfied with the look.

This is what my piece looked like after I was done. I did remove a few pieces and cut away a few while I felted it.

Carefully pick up your piece and take it to the machine.

4. Attach the Bernina Needle Punch Tool to the machine as per the instructions included.


5. Start from the center and work at a slow speed, making sure that all the fibers are needle felted into the batting / felt.

6. Now using the Bernina Free Motion Quilting Foot (Number 29/29C) or the Bernina Stitch Regulator quilt the top using a design of your choice.

I used a black Aurifil 50 wt thread both on the top and bottom to quilt it.
Have you tried the BERNINA needle punch tool? Make sure to visit your local dealer and try it out. You will love it. The possibilities are endless!

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